• mobile1-1

    IWCGjQuery Mobile Suite for Intraweb

  • grid_home

    A complete Grid with all the features you need

  • design_time_support_home

    Design Time support with HTML Render

  • Javascript Intellisense

    JavaScript Intellisense

  • themesupport_home

    Theme support for professional skin user interface

  • jquery_home

    Professional look to your apps with all jQuery features available

We offer Intraweb components based on jQuery to use in Embarcadero Rad Studio(Delphi,C++ Builder).

If you are looking for a fast way to speed up your Intraweb application performance and add a visual wow factor, then look no further. Our components can do both.

These components work as a bridge between existing javascript/jQuery plugins and Intraweb.

IWCGjQuery Demo
IWCGjQuery Mobile Demo

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  • Last news

    Support for Intraweb IW14.0.41 already available

    Jun 12, 2015 | No Comments

    Last develop version of CGDevTools jQuery and Mobile suites, already supports Intraweb version IW …

    Support for XE8 already available in new version

    Jun 9, 2015 | No Comments

    Please take in mind, that Intraweb versions > IW14.0.37 needs a fix by Atozed.

    When …

    Released new version

    Apr 2, 2015 | No Comments

    New Components:

    JQGauge: Online Demo

    JQSimplePieChart: 3 in 1 pie charts. Online Demo

    Support for IW 14.0.38

    For more details, …

    New Component: IWCGJQSimplePieChart

    Mar 18, 2015 | No Comments

    New Component: IWCGJQSimplePieChart available for Download in last version. Have …