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Guide for Compiling the Source

by PeterSondergaard » 24 Jul 2020 11:49

I have bought the libraries with source code and is trying to recompile it on a 10.4. (I have also tried it on 10.3 with the same result)

The how to guide that is supposed to guide me in the installation is in my opinion worthless.

When opening the project files is it quickly clear that there are 4 files missing.
I can understand that this is due to your license policy to protect your software.
This is a bit strange when you sell source code but you have listed this as a part of the agreement when buying it an must therefore be accepted, BUT I still expect that when buying the source code will it be possible to compile the code. If the missing files are not delivered in the source code will I at least expect that the delivered source code include a compiled version that can be linked to the project so that it can be recompiled on any compiler. This includes a project file that can be compiled without major changes like removing and adding files.

Can you deliver a guide that actually shows how to compile the source code? Or a source code package where the project files actually can be compiled. The existing how to compile source code is either missing vital information about how to replace the missing files or the source code is not complete.

Looking forward to hear how it is possible to recompile the source code
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by ozelaya » 24 Jul 2020 18:24


On other thread posts I have mentioned that at this moment compile from source code on 10.4 it not possible, because missing dcus files for 10.4.

On 10.3 I was able to compile and working now with IW 15.2.6 with some minor changes on project files, What errors are you getting under 10.3? simple guide to compile from latest sources it to open and compile core projects then dclxxx ones. Start with directory IWCGJCore then IWCGJComps, etc...

Omar Zelaya
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by zsleo » 24 Jul 2020 21:09

.... so, Alexander,
Perhaps I should share the abusive email I received from you regarding this very subject!

I am begin VERY sarcastic when I say: "so I am not the only person who does not know how to program in Delphi".

Clearly I am not the only one who purchased a source code license to mitigate the risk of CGD no longer being able to provide support. ... and the documentation is VERY inadequate!

The purpose of a source code license MUST NOT have a bomb (third party binary API) that prevents you from maintaining the source code without, in this instance, both of the following requirements:
1. A clear statement in the pre-purchase information stating third-party dependencies; and
2. A clear statement on how to purchase the third-party license and full instructions on third-party license integration


Under the misleading pre-sales information from CGD, and what I stated above, you source code license is completely useless to me and I want a source code license refund!

Note: CGD just released a version that is already 5 releases behind IW15.2.x... does it or does is not work with IW15.2.10.... I would have a fighting chance to know if I can get my source code to build.....

One final word that applies to you and, I just realise, to me: shouting and abuse does not make you or me more correct! It is what it is... just more shouting and abuse.

CGD I a fantastic product that is, currently, in my opinion, poorly supported
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by Alexander Bulei » 27 Jul 2020 12:53

Hi zsleo,

One final word that applies to you and, I just realise, to me: shouting and abuse does not make you or me more correct! It is what it is... just more shouting and abuse.

Agree with that, and your emails weren't in best way to talk with us.

About the source code compilation:

- The source code have only license control dependecy, and we'll always rebuild that dcus for new BDE versions, until we change that system
- By using the well configured opset's, it's easily compile the source code
- For last IW15.2.X, there is no need any changes in source code, only create new definitions for compiler, and also for 3rd party SynEdit component.

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by zsleo » 27 Jul 2020 20:29

I will speak for myself here but the lack of explicit documentation integration of optsets and compiler definition for third party libraries I need to "hack" the system to get it to build. I just don't have time for trial and error.

To re-emphasise the points I made in my emails .... frustration increases when there is no response from CGD for weeks.

I went and looked, it has taken about 8 weeks for CGD to provide DCUs. Why can't CGD protect its source license like other companies with their license redistribution agreement.

Please dont use COVID-19 as the reason. The IT world has adapted very promptly and successfully to the new operating paradigm

Also, the DCUs, as I understand it, require continued repurchase of source code licenses. You have still NOT explained what happens if CGD decides to stop development and distribution? What/where/how do we continue to move forward with our products?

Please respond with resolutions to the above very worrying items.
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