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java Script Errors - Iw15.2.15 and cg4.1.0.257

by Joelzim » 30 Aug 2020 03:25

I am using iw15.2.15 and recompiled cgdevtools with source.

On some of my pages now when I try to click on a button I get the following error.

IWBase__870463085.js:2 Error in SendRequest(): Cannot read property 'cloneNode' of undefined
consoleError @ IWBase__870463085.js:2
SendRequest @ IWBase__870463085.js:6
executeAjaxEvent @ IWBase__870463085.js:6
(anonymous) @ (index):59
dispatch @ IWLib__1837908247.js:3
r.handle @ IWLib__1837908247.js:3
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by Joelzim » 04 Sep 2020 21:53

I figured out the issue. It turned out a be a miss placed div from a template processor.
Posts: 31
Joined: 29 Jul 2017 06:17

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