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How to click into field at bottom area

by bob9999 » 09 Jul 2019 14:21

Hi there. When I expand the size of this CGTinyMCE field in design so then the field has lots of room for a user, the user has to click into the top half of the field to get the cursor to start typing. When the user clicks on the bottom half, there is no effect. The mouse pointer changes to an "I" bar in the top half but stays a mouse arrow pointer in the bottom half. The bottom part of the field just seems to be dead from a focus viewpoint. Has no effect what browser I am using.

This is very irritating to the user to click into the right part of the field. I have tried to set focus but this has absolutely no effect. CG tools seem to have issues with tab orders in general so this can be the general issue.

Is there s special trick to get the cursor for the user to start typing when they click anywhere in the field?

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by Alexander Bulei » 15 Jul 2019 09:15

Hi bob9999,
Can you grab the simple video of behavior?

Best Regards.
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by bob9999 » 27 Sep 2019 06:45

Hey Alex. If you go into that project that I last gave you on dashboard there is the "+ task" button that has this component on it. You can then see the behaviour where only the top half of the box is clickable and the bottom half is dormant. Little frustrating at times to get the right spot to click to get into field to start typing. Cheers!
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