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by PdMagic » 27 Sep 2016 05:01

Hi there,
I've been using Intraweb for many years now. (since v5 in 2003) For a number of reasons, I've been stuck in v10 / D2006. I'm making plans to upgrade. (Purchased new IW and Delphi versions) It makes no sense to complete this upgrade without using your tools.
It appears that one of the performance problems I'm having is that I've got a bazillion little regions rendering on each form with "RenderInvisible" enabled so they can be raised using ASYNC. I haven't confirmed this is my problem, but it made me wonder how your tools will handle my situation.

Say I have an IW form displayed in a browser and I click a link that fires an ASYNC event. In the event handler, I raise one of your controls such as a file picker, confirmation dialog, display a chart or other new display element. Does cgdevtools respond with JS that constructs the new control(s) or did they already have to be rendered on the form? In short, if I have several dozen potential display elements that may need to be displayed on the form, does that make the form heavier/bigger before I display those elements?

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by Jorge Sousa » 27 Sep 2016 15:23


With our RenderAsync method, you can create the regions on the fly, in an async event, provided that they have a name and a parent.

Our JqueryDemo_V3 is all based in this techinque, and the controls to be render don't have to be previously saved in a frame .dfm
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Jorge Sousa
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by PdMagic » 27 Sep 2016 15:58

Excellent, thanks!
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