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IWLicenseKey.dcu not found compiling 64bit application

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by Davide » 23 Jun 2014 17:49


I'm trying to compile a 64bit application but I receive a IWLicenseKey.dcu not found error (compiling 32bit works well).
I'm working on XE6, IW 14.0.32, IWCGJQuery
Like I read on the forum I already removed the bundled IW installed file using the removal tool.
After I installed the IW officlial version and the IWCGJQuery version but nothing changed.

Any suggestions to solve thi problem ?

Thank you,
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by Jorge Sousa » 23 Jun 2014 18:05


What install does is add in the Tools + Options + Library Path, the folder where IWCGLicenseKey.pas, (CgDevTools installdir\Source\) so that it can be used from any project.
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