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set JQGrid Sopt on runtime

by feland » 10 Jun 2019 13:26


How can I choose a different sopt (not gsoEqual) on form create? Now the grid load always the first operator set on the list
[gsoEqual, gsoLess, gsoGreat, gsoGreatEqual, gsoLessEqual]

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by Alexander Bulei » 11 Jun 2019 09:19

Hi feland,
Use the Col.SearchOptions.SearchOperators with any order...the first element is selected by default.

Best Regards.
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Alexander Bulei
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by feland » 11 Jun 2019 14:53

Hi Alexander,
to set the property Sopt I used the following command
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        gridFatturePass.JQGridColumns.ItemsByName[sColName].SearchOptions.SOpt := [gsoEqual, gsoNotEqual]

The value
[gsoEqual, gsoNotEqual]
is similar to a string variable but I can't set it as string.
Example: gridFatturePass.JQGridColumns.ItemsByName[sColName].SearchOptions.SOpt := '[gsoEqual, gsoNotEqual]'

Is it possible to convert the string into type

Or how can I set this property with an element? (string, array)

Posts: 84
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