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synchronous Dialog using TIWCGJQMDialog

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by Girish » 17 Jan 2022 17:49

I am using TIWCGJQMDialog since many years, but i always felt need of synchronous dialogbox that said i want dialogbox to be displayed in such a way that next code does not execute before executing Dialogbox code;
for e.g. First dialog box should display "Test 1" and closing of it, second call of dialogbox should display "Test 2"
Code: Select all
  ShowDialog('test 1'); // first call
  ShowDialog('test 2'); // second call

or something like

Code: Select all
   if ShowDialog('test 1')  <> OkbuttonPressed then
      ExecuteTest1Code; // procedure to be called on OK button pressed
   if ShowDialog('test 2')  <> YesbuttonPressed then
      ExecuteTest2Code; // procedure to be called on Yes button pressed

is there any workaround to achieve this?

Recently i had a requirement which force me to think/implement this.
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