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[How To] Check the available data/object for BrowserParams

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by Alexander Bulei » 01 Apr 2019 15:22

The best & fast way to check the available data/objects/arguments for passing into delphi via BrowserParams is using the Browser Developer Console & debugger command.


1. Open the event in IDE:

2. Open the script dialog of Script property and type the debugger; command inside the function:

3.Now open your app in browser and press F12 for open the developer console.

4. Execute the action which provoke that event, and developer console will pause on debugger; command:

5. Now look the available objects/properties/arguments by passing the cursor on

6. So, if you need to pass the "intId" value into delphi function, you should do this:

delphi code
with IWCGJQGMap3.JQGMapV3Options.Marker.Events.OnDragEnd.BrowserParams.Add do 
ServerName := 'intId';
BrowserScript := 'marker.intId';

and in function:

delphi code
procedure TJQGMap3Frm.IWCGJQGMap3JQGMapV3OptionsMarkerEventsDragEnd(Sender: TObject; AParams: TStringList);
LId: string;
LId:= AParams.Values['intId'];
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