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Some TIWCGJQQueryBuilder Issues

by fduenas » 29 Oct 2019 13:09

1) Hi first of all you need to open two new specific forums for TIWCGJQQueryBuilder and TIWCGJQOpenlayers
2) I have detected 2 issues with TIWCGJQQueryBuilder
a) it seems the 'rules' collection (delphi side) are not updated from the JS side version. I can only get the updated SQLquery text but if I want to get the JSON Rules they are not updated. the still the same the last time they where changed at delphi side by code. Even if I call ParseClientRules

b) Also if you want to get the SQLQuery text before making any change to the QueryBuilder via its visual interface, you get an empty string, you need to make a change to the filters at runtime (visual interface) to get the string. Even if i specify initially rules at runtime in OnCreate IWForm event. Here it seems the JS RulesChange event is not triggered

c) if I set a SQLQuery text In the OnCreate IWForm event, it hrows and exception, so there Can specify that sqlQuery?
IWCGJQQueryBuilder1.SQL.SQLQuery := 'Category = 1';
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