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FastReports (4.xx) and IIS deployment

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by zsleo » 26 Mar 2014 23:22

Thanks again to the fantastic support of the CGD Support team for helping me resolve this issue.

If you are using FastReports (4.xx) in a CGD/IW IIS deployment then DO NOT leave ANY TfrxReport components on any form, frame or data module.

Create and destroy TfrxReport instance in code works.

You should also set "TfrxReport.EngineOptions.EnableThreadSafe := true;" immediatley after create.

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by Jorge Sousa » 27 Mar 2014 00:35

Hi Leo

You're welcome
Best Regards
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by lucas21 » 10 Feb 2020 13:27

This is great, was looking for this option for one of the website
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by Sushantingle » 23 Jun 2020 12:28

Informative thread!
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by zsleo » 23 Jun 2020 20:16

... oh, how I wish CGD support would be as good as it was back then. :x

No reflection on you Alexander. I know you have been given other priorities :roll:
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