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Problems with signature in MS Azure IIS

by Soren SDF » 13 Dec 2018 10:35

We have now started to deploy our application in the cloud via Microsoft Azure and the signature is causing us problems.
In the forms OnCreate handler we have the following:

JS: string;
bparam: TIWCGBrowserParam;
LDataType:= TIWCGJQSignatureDataType(SigDataTypeNumber);
JS:=Signaturen.JQSignatureOptions.jsGetData(LDataType, False);
bparam.ServerName:= 'sigdata';
bparam.BrowserScript:= JS;

In our stand alone environments it works as expected but the cloud seems to impose a limitation to the size of the "sigdata" param for the request. According to our cloud guy the signature is causing the URL to exceed the size limitation and breaks the functionality.
Is there a way around this?

Sören Alexandersson
Soren SDF
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by Alexander Bulei » 13 Dec 2018 11:42

Hi Sören Alexandersson,

Why you need the sign data? If you don't need that data, just use the available events, like:

- OnSaveToStream
- OnFileSaved

To on work IIS, you need increase the MaxQueryLength option.

Best Regards.
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