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Rendering Problems with 5.1.7 and .222

by ozelaya » 07 Nov 2019 14:42


I'm still having rendering random issues using IW 5.1.7 and CG when using as ISAPI, when I testing as standalone Exe there are no problems.

Has someone else having this issues also?

After click on "Ingresar" I create a Login TabFrame these are the results.

Current Version
Captura de Pantalla 2019-11-07 a la(s) 7.31.34 a. m..png

Previos 5.1xx Version
Captura de Pantalla 2019-11-07 a la(s) 7.31.50 a. m..png

Any hints,

Thanks in advance.
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by zsleo » 07 Nov 2019 19:53

Yes! Since installing x.222 I have massive/major form layout corruption.

This happens when component alignment is set to anything other than None.

Because of the lack of support response or VERY long delay from CGD team I tend not to report issues to this forum or CGD. Rather, I just try to find a workaround.

The (not ideal) work around for this is set all alignment properties to None .... yes, it is not ideal and it a LOT more work but at least my customers are somewhat happy.

CGD support is not what it used to be! Disappointing! Frustrating!

There are times I wished I had taken a different path but I am in so deep now, it is difficult for me to turn back.... but I wish I could.
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by ozelaya » 07 Nov 2019 22:06


Look like not alone, since there were no comments about the 5.1.7 update, I thouth everything was fixed and It was just me.

I had to revert back to IW 5.0.24 to make my site work again as before.

Thanks in adavnce,

Omar Zelaya
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by zsleo » 08 Nov 2019 20:49

Unfortunately, for me, there are security fixes in IW that forces me to make these FRUSTRATING and crazy changes to CGD environment otherwise I would also revert to a previous version of CGD.

You would have thought that, with tye long delay for this release and that CGD continually said they are waiting for IW to fixed rendering issues that they would have done more thorough testing. Ah, well, i am an optimist... maybe next time it will be better.

Best regards
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