IWCGjQuery Suite version history


New component Accordion (Link)
New component DateTimePicker (Link)
New component Select2 (Link)


- Added: new method DestroyPlugin
- Added: possibility to call in sequence


- Added: new property DirectView
- Added: hint on fullday event


- Added: new property GestureHandling
- Added: PanTo method


- Added: New GroundOverlay property
- Added: PanTo method


- Updated: updated pdfjs library to 1.10.88
- Added: PanTo method


- Changed: methods Next & Previous have parameter to trigger the events beforeStepChanging & stepChanging


- Updated: updated jquery plugin to 2.19.0
- Added: new export renderer and LoadExportRenderer property


- Added: DataLink property
- Added: new OnKeyUp event


- Changed: check the editor z-index, and apply to overlay (ReadOnly)


- Added: new method CancelAll
- Added: new event OnBeforeSubmitEx, params: Sender: TObject; AFileName: string; out ACanSubmit: Boolean; AJsScript: TStringList


- Added: Binaries for C++ Builder 64 bits weren't being deployed



- Fixed: Exporting/Printing issue with legend table on ChartToImage method, when Renderer = jqprDonutRenderer.
- Fixed: exporting long chart title to canvas/svg


- Fixed: Fixed: issue with saving the field when ANullIfEmpty = True on edit


- Fixed: issue with set method in IE11


- Fixed: error - is not a valid floating point value


- Fixed: tooltip on IWCGJQDropDown component


- Fixed: issue with loading the google lib


- Fixed: bug with sending the value of input on first click/change, when click on spin up/down button.


- Fixed: method GetItemByUniqueName in TIWCGJQVertMenuItems


- Fixed: issue with Item.Visible property when linked to TAction


- Fixed: internal fix on plugin, add the file to the internal list, before execute OnBeforeSubmit event


- Fixed: Issue with visibility of ActiveControl (when setted)


- Fixed: issue on setting the ItemIndex (-1) when placeholder is enable


- Fixed: default return value for the OnFinishing event


CGDevTools Bootstrap Suite Beta (Demo)


- Added: new property HiddenOnLoad - prevent showing the summary of cart on render/load, even with products in cart.


- Added: RenderAsync protection


- Added: missing minimized file


- Added: new BezierCurveRendererOptions property


- Added: support for ajax changing of Css property.


- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.5.1
- Added: new properties Timeout, Title and DocType


- Added/Improved: the wizard layout when StepsOrientation is jqwsoVertical


- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.0.23


- Updated: jquery plugin to 2.7.0
- Added: support for list available media devices
- Added: possibility to set the default media device source


- Added: demo frame of usage IWCGGoogleLibLoader & IWCGJQGoogleAutoComplete



- Fixed: issues with google map constant names (new lib version)


- Fixed: Problem interpreting date formats including short or long months


- Fixed: rendering of left and top properties in async
- Fixed: Possibility to drag and drop in design-time, when JQDialogOptions.Position is jqdopCustom (Note: If you designing the form, the parent of dialog should be the form)


- Fixed: the height and width issue on OnResize event


- Fixed: zoom level 100%


- Fixed: height issue on active tab/step
- Fixed/Added: render of icon property and support for ajax change
- Fixed/Added: properly rendering of Icon property


- Fixed: The OnSearch event is not triggered when clear the query.


- Added: new component IWCGGoogleLibLoader - component to load the Google Javascript API & Libraries
- Added: new component IWCGJQGAC - Google Place Autocomplete (input)
- Added: new component IWCGJQVisualCaptcha
- Added: new IWCGJQSimplePieChart (type: spctCirclifulEx - updated version)
- Support for IW14.2.0
- Fixed/Updated: fastclick script - touchstart event in passive mode (fix problems with touch/click on mobile devices)
- Added: JQValidateOptions - new validate rule jqvorvRemote, which allow to validate on server side
- Added: new public function CGScrollToElement - this function allow to show the control(scroll to element) in scrollable area.


- Added: public method GetUploadPath
- Fixed: JSON response on onBeforeSubmit event
- Fixed: drag'n'drop of file(s) on IE11/EDGE & FireFox browsers


- Fixed: Dialog frame in desing-time (require Refresh after resize)
- Fixed: Dialog frame in desing-time with AutoOpen = False
- Fixed: design time issues in frame when align is alClient


- Fixed: show "undefined" for Value = 0


- Fixed: convert error when Field is NULL and have FormatOptions


- Fixed/Changed: When JQValidateOptions.Enable = True, and rule is jqvorvRequired, the placeholder is NOT considered as valid value.
- Fixed: filtering the list when AllowUserChoice is True
- Added/Changed: When CaseSensitive is False (by default), and linked to ListDataSource, will add the foCaseInsensitive falg to dataset before filtering, and revert to original/old flags after.
- Fixed: key case sensitive search in items (collection)


- Added: Ajax setter of DefaultValue property
- Added: new OpacityVal property
- Fixed: show opacity slider when Opacity = True


- Fixed: issues with alignment


- Fixed: issues with zoom property (due the recent update of jquery plugin)
- Fixed: pdfjs methods after updating the +dfjs plugin
- Added: new methods: NextPage, PrevPage, ZoomIn & ZoomOut


- Fixed: issue with pre-selected items and full submit event (ajax = false)


- Fixed: issue with displaying of events, when WeekStartDay is different of default (1)


- Fixed: render CGScrollStyle property on correct element
- Added: new property RemoteSearch in TIWCGPanelListFilterOptions
- Added: new OnFilter event - triggers on FilterInput change
- Fixed: scroll to found element


- Fixed/Added: render the TabIndex on first radio control
- Added: possibility to navigatio by Tab key inside radio group


- Added: possibility to change Text & Title in async
- Added: Close method
- Fixed: js error (quotation marks)


- Fixed: render LinearGradient property in IE EDGE


- Fixed: show unexpected scrollbars after AjaxReRender, when component on frame.


- Added: new property Address in MultipleMarker
- DEPRECATED: GoogleMapsAPIUrl, GoogleMapsExpermental & GoogleApiKey properties in favor of IWCGGoogleLibLoader
- MAJOR Change: Now, those components require to have assigned GoogleLibLoader property (IWCGGoogleLibLoader)
- Added: new GoogleLibLoader property
- Added/Fixed: In some special cases, the map is not shown, when component in frame, and the frame is created dynamically.


- DEPRECATED: LoadOptions property in favor of IWCGGoogleLibLoader
- MAJOR Change: Now, those components require to have assigned GoogleLibLoader property (IWCGGoogleLibLoader)
- Added: new GoogleLibLoader property
- Fixed: problem with Route directions


- Added/Fixed: RTL support


- Fixed: js error on PrimaryIcon ajax generated script


- Fixed: clear the field, when Column.EditOptions.NullIfEmpty is TRUE on edit action


- Fixed: issue with Maxlength property and DataLink.Field.Size


- Fixed: methods of Play and Pause (due the jquery plugin update in )


- Fixed: Message error "Search not Implemented!" on init, DataSetProvider is cell and JQGridToolbarSearch.Active = True


- Updated: plugin to v2.0.12 - fix the browser error on Safari private mode


- Added: new ChartType spctCirclifulEx - is recent version of circliful plugin
- Fixed: pass the parameters into jquery plugin when ChartType is spctCirclifulEx
- Added: loading the font awesome fonts (can be used in charts)

* New Components:

IWCGJQFileTree: Customized, fully-interactive file tree.

IWCGJQGeoLocation: Acts as simplification of the W3C Geolocation API (Needs secure connections for chrome)

Support for Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 2

Support for Intraweb 14.1.4

* New Features:

- Added: public javascript function CGCopyToClipBoard

- Fixed: jquery selector for changing the header caption of tab

- Added: new property Classes

- Added/Improved: MinDate & MaxDate properties - handle the value as TDateTime, according to DateFormat
- Added: new NullAsEmpty to DataLink - set the control empty when Field.IsNULL

- Added: new property CenterOnWinResize - works only with Position = jqdopCenter

- Added: protection on internal script of Ajax.Result function - on recents versions of google chrome, the web TObject class have property "values", which have same name of property in Ajax.Result method.
Note: Only happens with assigned OnGetDropDownData event and InfiniteScroll = False.

- Added: internal browser parameter "select" on OnSelect event.

- Added: new event OnBeforeSubmit - triggers on submit the file (before upload to server)
- Added: new event OnSaveFile
- Added: debug mode when

- Added: plugin debug mode when ServerController.JavascriptOptions.Debug = True

- Added: ClearCookiesOnInit property & ClearCookies method
- Added: new property MultiSelectHeaderCheckbox - enable/disable the checkbox in header when MultiSelect = True
- Added: new cmoCells to ContextMenuOptions

- Added: support for ftFMTBcd datatype

- Added: new properties StyledMapType & ImageMapType
- Added: new property OnCallback

- Added: new event OnAfterSave - triggers after the save of image (URL or Picture)

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.4.4

- Added: new property ControlJQSelector

- Added: new property OnSortableReorder & SelectedUserSortList

- Fixed: Reset method when widget is docked

- Added: new property Zoom

- Added: new method ClearPanels

- Added: new property ContentColor to ColorArrayItem

- Update: TinyMCE jquery plugin to 4.5.1
- Added: new methods AnimatedScrollContent & ScrollContent

- Added: new property TabsInRow

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Escape the Text on async changing, was provoking the js error with special chars

- Fixed: issue with duplicate images on async change of properties, when Primary Picture is defined

- Fixed: buttons aligment
- Fixed: update the state of buttons when ButtonType = jqbtCheckBox

- Fixed: It wasn't setting not visible items at creation
- Fixed: Events of typeOptions

- Fixed: escape the special chars on async set of value
- Fixed: escape the special chars on async set of Text
- Fixed: issue in js code on change fixed script
- Fixed: issue with quoted value
- Fixed: issue with custom message in JQValidateOptions

- Fixed: clear button and default button conflict

- Fixed: problem with upload in IE11/EDGE when ISAPI
- Fixed: prevent default action on chrome when ALT pressed

- Fixed: prevent default action on chrome when ALT pressed

- Fixed: default values of MapTypeControl, StreetViewControl, ZoomControl and Position properties.
- Fixed: property Position of controls
- Fixed: FireFox problem with rendering of map
- Fixed/Improved: call once google map resize on idle, to ensure the correct size of map

- Fixed/Improved: css issue with selected row in JQGrid (themes: jWin8, jMetro, jMango, jFlick, jFace)
- Fixed: remove style from highlighted row, after cell selection (CellEdit = True)
- Fixed: issue with center after init/resize

- Fixed: Missing call the OnExportExcel event (if assigned)

- Fixed: ASPX error - Request.Form in ASPX(IIS) value was potentially dangerous on get content

- Fixed: issue with order of components after resize/open/close panel (recent changes of IW)
- Fixed: panel margins (IW started rendering margins)

- Fixed: issue with width of component, in some cases the width of element is bigger then component.
- Fixed: default values of TIWCGJQMemoExOptionsTabr.Use & TIWCGJQMemoExOptionsDsrm.Use

- Fixed/Added: Update async postion of FreeOW notification

- Fixed: loading of pdf file with spaces

- Fixed: missing ';' in SaveImageFromUrl

- Fixed: access violation on AjaxReRender of control

- Added: js protection on destroy
- Fixed: critical issue/bug in jquery plugin with intervalTime property
- Improved/Fixed: creation of timeline in some cases was broken

- Removed: Memory Leak

- Fixed: Tabs top position when setted TabsHidden in run-time.
- Fixed/Improved: force remove the width of tab panels, because some 3rd themes have !important
- Fixed: Ajax Tab loading when AjaxLoadAlways = False

- Fixed: ASPX error - Request.Form in ASPX(IIS) value was potentially dangerous on get content

- Fixed: issue with classes in tree on async event

- Fixed: trigger twice beforeStepChanging event
- Fixed: css issues with controls inside
- Fixed: jquery plugin design bug with OnBeforeStepChanging event and ManuallyNavigation property.
- Fixed: default value of EnableCancelButton

- Added/Fixed: internal check for Image Url (ISAPI)

- Fixed: issue when AKeepPosition is True and parent is form

IWCGJQCheckBox, IWCGJQDatePicker, IWCGJQDropdown, IWCGJQAutoComplete, IWCGJQEdit, IWCGJQMemo, IWCGJQRadio, IWCGJQTimePicker, IWCGJQToggleButton:
- Fixed: avoid the state changing on client browser when DataLink.StateChangeOperation = scoNone

* New Components:

JQTinyMCE: The coolest HTML Editor ever!

JQEasyProgress: A progress indicator,without the need of TIWTimer.

JQWebCodeCam: Component to capture QR and Bar Codes.

JQTransporter: Useful for send big data from client.

Support for IW14.0.56

* New Features:

- Added: new property UrlTarget

- Added: new properties FocusColor, FocusBGColor and MaskExOptions

- Added: new properties Tabbable & TabIndex in TIWCGJQListButton

- Changed: EditControl can accept TControl

- Added: responsive inside the container

- Added: protection on adding selectors

- Added/Improved: ValidateOptions rule = jqvorvDate, now validate the date with defined dateFormat

- Added: UseMaxZ property - Default: true - Use the jQuery UI method to auto-detect and icrement the highest zIndex on page. When False, will render always the setted user zIndex.

- Added/Improved: compatibility support of file names (UTF-8)
- Added: jsGetData function

- Added: responsive inside the container
- Changed: increase the zIndex for popup to max integer
- Added: new property OnInputSearchKeyDown
- Added: new property AllowUserChoice - allow user to add custom item

- Added/Fixed: reset EasyProgressAdvSettings when ResetJSonProps is called

- Added: new MaskExOptions property - Extended mask options with RegEx support and more.
- Added: property Live - when false, the plugin will be applied after change/focusout

- Fixed/Added: support of fileupload in ASPX
- Added: new property ErrorType
- Added: Improvement on Error handler and end user notification

- Added: new method ClearSearchFilters - clear the filtered table with simple or advanced search form.
- Added: new property StaticLinkText - replace cell value text in link

- Added: new property IconOb in Marker.Option
- Added: new function ResetProps on InfoWindow
- Updated: jquery plugin version to 6.1.0

- Added: new property LinkTarget

- Added: protections in js script

- Added: new properties FocusColor and FocusBGColor

- Added: new property Charset
- Added: new property FormTarget

- Updated: Jquery plugin source to latest version (1.4.20)
- Added: new property Viewer

- Added: typecasts of axis render options
- Updated: jquery plugin to new version (1.0.9)

- Added: support for SVG

- Added: new property StartScrollTime - Scroll to defined time on initialization.

- Added: UploadPath to JQSignatureOptions
- Added: support for relative paths in SaveAsImage function

- Added: PanelCssClass property

- Added: support for ComboboxEx in OutputControl property

- Added: Readonly property and method
- Added: protection in destroy script
- Improvements + functionalities
- Update to 4.3.3

- Added: support to google coordinates, eg: [Lat, Lng]

- Updated: to latest version jquery plugin (1.0.6)
- Added: new FlipHoriz & FPS properties

- Categorized components in tool palette

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: ContextMenu on button when ButtonType = jqbtButton

- Fixed/Changed: wrap of text in buttons

- Fixed: ItemIndex -1 error message in design time on load form/frame, when SingleItem is True

- Fixed: issue with tabindex in jquery plugin

- Fixed: conflict with multiselect jquery plugin

- Fixed: memory leak
- Fixed: destroy javascript

- Fixed: issue with rendering of properties on async change

- Fixed: set time value when OnlyTimePicker is True
- Fixed: Default value in input when OnlyTimePicker is True

JQDialog & JQDialogEx:
- Fixed: the calculation of real size after resize

- Fixed: chrome respond with err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition error when file name contain comma ',' or semi-colon ';'

- Fixed: scroll dropdown to selection
- Fixed: TabOrder issue in specific browsers
- Fixed: AttachTo = jqddatInput issue

- Fixed: SelectedNodes count on init with selected nodes
- Fixed: Update the Select property on change
- Fixed: properties Select and Expend on LazyLoad

- Removed: memory leak

- Fixed: issue in CurrencyOptions with values < 1 & ClearOnEmpty = True
- Fixed: SkipTabFocus property
- Fixed: hide the default clear button/icon in IE browser

- Fixed: Marker.Visible property default value
- Fixed: issue with properties of TIWCGJQGMap3Point class.
- Fixed: multiple marker - dragend update position
- Fixed: filter toolbar, null instance
- Fixed: invalid typecase in TIWCGJQGMap3WayPoint
- Fixed: escape of marker title on async change
- Fixed: multiple instance on same page/form
- Fixed: autofit property

- Added: new properties: TitleFontFamily, ValueFontFamily, LabelFontFamily, MinFontFamily & MaxFontFamily

- Fixed/Change: JQGridPersist functionality
- Fixed: ContextMenuOptions - js error when cmoColHeaders is True
- Fixed: Conflict with names - renamed internal parameter "cellValue" to "fieldValue" in OnClick event when Formatter is gcfLinkClick.
- Added: protection of AV on exporting of non-existing field in dataset.

- Fixed: callback errors in IE

- Fixed: FindByMenuItemName method with sub-items

- Fixed: Default value of Trendline.Show property

- Fixed: the issue with redline position after the changing the StartHour property..
- Fixed: initial state of scroll (top)
- Added/Fixed: alignment issue.

- Fixed: signature options count - AV in JQMSignature

- Fixed: missing ';'
- Fixed: internal loader on AjaxReRender
- Fixed: missing semicolon in destroy script

- Fixed: css conflict when 2 menus on same page (UIThemeroller = True and UIThemeroller = False)

- Fixed: api request url to new format (yahoo api changed)

- Added/Fixed: protection of AV ("no parent window") when Disable Render in CGDevTools Options is FALSE.

* New Components:

JQSweetAlert - simple and modern message popup with CSS3 animations.

JQGaugeEx - for generating and animating nice & clean gauges.

Support for Intraweb IW14.0.48

* New Features:

- Added: new property ReadOnlyPreselected - when TRUE will prevent the removing of pre-selected items when Multiple = TRUE

- Support for Intraweb IW14.0.48

Support for Intraweb IW14.0.48

Added: Event OnExportExcelCell to define excel export values by cell

- Great Improvment: Added the possibility to use AjaxReRender of component to change the properties in ajax events.
NOTE: If the LockIndicator is in ServerController, it should be readonly or you've to have critical sections / monitors to guarantee thread safeness. If the LockIndicator is in a form, can be writable.

- Improvement: to location.href in jquery plugin
- Added: 2 events OnBeforePrint & OnAfterPrint
- Added: 4 methods - Print, Download, FirstPage & LastPage
- Added: property Cache

- Added: new properties TagSep & TagSepStyle

- Added: auto remove the tooltip from element on remove item from collection

- Added: new property Visible

- Added: in CGEvents new readonly property: RequestScript, returns the javascript code used that calls the server, when OnEvent(1) is assigned ((1) for instance Button.JQButtonOptions.OnClick.OnEvent).
- Support for ServerController.RewriteURL in IIS

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Issue with disappearance of primaryPicture on caption(and other properties) changing, when PrimaryPictureInTextSpan = False

- Fixed: the rendering of font style

- Fixed: ValidationOptions required rule
- Fixed: Tabbing after selection, when attached to select.

- Fixed: issue with toolbar on Firefox, when custom.
- Fixed: multiple initialization when PluginInitialization called multiple times.

- Fixed: message alert of MultiSelectDlg when have multiple instances on same form/frame.
- Fixed: conflict between plugins MultiSelect (JQMultiselect & Column Chooser of JQGrid)

- Fixed/Implemented: remove the saved data from localStorage on loadPDF
- Fixed: Memory leak

- Fixed: the display of numbers on RTL mode
- Fixed: application of RendererName & AggregatorName properties on non english locations.

- Fixed: issue in full submit

- Fixed: Issue with Visible on initialization

* New Components:

- Support for Intraweb version 14.0.46

- Support for Delphi 10 Seattle

* New Features:

- Added: possibility to check/uncheck with ENTER/SPACE

- Added: RTL support to jquery plugin

- Changed: moved HTMLID property from protected to public

- Added: internal parameters to OnActivate & OnDeactivate events
- Added: possibility to add HTML tags to options.
- Added: better support for RTL mode

- Added: new properties : SelNodeTitle, ReadOnly and Enabled
- Changed: onSetValue event pass the the object { key: , title: }
- Changed: public DynaTree instance

- Added: new bind method (cgebmDelegate) - Attach a handler to one or more events for all elements that match the selector, now or in the future, based on a specific set of root elements.

- Added & Fixed: languages
- Added: new property Locale
- Improved: usage in ISAPI mode

- Added: new property CGProgressBar, on upload update progressbar
- Updated: JQueryDemoV3_IW14 with example of IWCGJQFileUpload with progress bar.

- Added: new function in jquery plugin OnOpenDialog - triggers on open of any dialog

- Added: new event OnFileSaved (triggers immediately after the saving of file)

* Bug fixes:

- Fixed: issues with tabindex
- Fixed: tabbable hidden checkbox

- Changed: data delimiter ',' -> '^' , this will fix issue with items, which contain comma on value.

- Fixed: AutoID generation

- Fixed: AutoID generation
- Fixed: The appearance of item, when Multiple = True & LeftToRight = False (RTL)

- Fixed: popup height when search panel is activated

- Fixed: issue with special chars on value
- Fixed: Forcing the Alignment to taLeftJustify on initialization when DataLink assigned.

- Fixed: Group Headers aligmnent

- Fixed: overflow of popups (CGScrollStyle should be cgsbsBothVisible)

- Fixed: rendering of zIndex on html element

- Fixed: AutoID generation

- Fixed: usage in ISAPI mode

- Fixed: drawing issue in RTL mode

- Fixed: AutoID generation

- Fixed: issue with aligment of header in some OSX

- Fixed: updating JQSliderOptions.Values when JQSliderOptions.Range = True

* New Components:

- JQResponsiveList: Online demo here

- JQPDFViewer: Based in this javascript library

- JQMiniCart: Based in this jQuery plugin

- Support for Intraweb verions >= 14.0.41

* New Features:

- Added: New property: ReadOnly

- Added: async support for Button.Focused property.

- REMOVED: JQEvents property, since it can not be applied for this component.
- Added: new events OnOpenning, OnFocus & OnBlue

- Added: OnReady event - used only for document or window jquery selector

- Changed/Added: Reset method - show exception if not used in ajax request

- Added: new property AjaxLoadCallBrowserResize - Call Intraweb Body_OnResize function after ajax load to align the controls.

- Added: current state/options of calendar on OnViewChange event.


- Fixed: issue with CaseSensitive on SelectByValue - (CaseSensitive Collection)

- Fixed/Changed: Default value (True) of Item.OnCallback.Ajax property
- Fixed: attaching the contextmenu to grid in frame, which changes the name (missing changes)
- Fixed: attaching the contextmenu to grid in frame, which changes the name

- Fixed: generation empty filename, only when region = dporDefault
- Fixed: missing the return value, when OnBeforeShowDay.OnEvent assigned.

- Fixed: in certain circumstances, have transparent popup.
- Fixed: duplicated last record, when load more from ListDataSource.

- Fixed: memory leak

- Fixed: changes in Grid.JQGridOptions properties generated an invalid javascript
- Fixed: bug with default search operator in search form on initialization.
- Fixed: JQGrid Providers with ThousandSeparator in StrToFloat/StrToCurr methods
- Fixed: Misalignment of the group headers when have anchors

- Fixed: center panel size and aligment of controls inside.

- Fixed: font style in textarea - Font.Enable = True & StyleRenderOptions.RenderFont = True

- Fixed: issue with removing the style of today column (after 15sec)
- Fixed: Duplicate events on day view, when used OnGetData event
- Fixed: Header Color in jquery plugin
- Fixed: update View property on View change
- Fixed: icon on month view

- Fixed: jsSetCellFormula, jsSetCellHtml & jsSetCellValue functions
- Added: jsGetCellValue - should be used with BrowserParams

- Fixed/Added: compatibility with recent IW versions

- Fixed: appearance in IE11 when Theme = cggbtVCL

- Fixed: assing issue of TIWCGPanelListPictureFixedSize class in design-time

- Fixed: Problem using cache server with secure connection.
- Fixed: IWCL issues since IW14.0.39
- Fixed: Applying CGScrollBar in recent IW versions

* New Components:

JQGauge: Online Demo

JQSimplePieChart: 3 in 1 Pie Charts - Online Demo

Support for Intraweb 14.0.38

* New Features:

- Added: new properties ValidateOptions, MaskOptions, WatermarkOptions & ClearButton

- Added: new property Hint

- Added: new property PopupWidth -> Sets the width of popup.

- Changed: added left padding space to menu item (for control)

- Added: properties CssClass & Style to dialog button

- Added: new property SkipTabFocus

- Added: new properties JSFileList and CSSFileList

- Added: new events OnSuccess & OnFailure

- Improved: javascript function adjustHeightToRows
- Added: new event OnChangeRowNum - trigger on change of dropdown of RowNum
- Added: new property CaptionAlign in TIWCGJQGridCol
- Added: new ContextMenuOptions - now you can configure the place of attachment (ColumnHeader, Rows, EmptySpace after rows)

- Added: new event OnSetText - trigger on set new next
- Removed: check function of link

- Added: new options for position of FreeOW notification

- Added: new procedure Checkout - Checkout / Process the cart

- Updated: jquery plugin to latest version
- Added: new property UseHTML2Canvas - Useful when prints the content of single input element (like as edit or textarea). Prints text with better quality.
- Added: new properties HTML2CanvasCloneCss & HTML2CanvasCloneStyle - useful to add style or css class to print element on print

- Added: new properties Picture & UIIcon

- Added: new properties to event: EventTitle, EventContent, EventHint & EventIcon
- Added: new properties: StartHour, EndHour & OnViewChange event

- Added: Internal parameters "originalIndex" & "newIndex" to OnStop event
- Added: Internal parameter "originalIndex" to OnStart event

- Added: support for ajax changing of Caption

- Added/Improved: new property BuildOnOpen - When true (default), builds the menu on open -> Avoid loading / unnecessary traffic of images
- Added: new property LoadThemeType - tsltCookie/tsltForceLoadTheme

- Added: support for RTL mode

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.13.1

- Added: new property FilterInputSelector - jquery selector for input
- Added: new property FixedSize in TIWCGPanelListPictureOptions - You can define the fixed size of image instead of detect automatically.
- Added: new property HTMLTag in TIWCGPanelListPictureOptions - HTML tag to use for image
- Changed: trigger onClick event only when ItemIndex > -1

- Added events OnUpdateControl to modify the behaviour when the controls needs to be updated with the field value and OnUpdateField when the field data needs to be set because of an insertion or edition.

- Changed/Improved/Added: CGDevTools Debug Console -> activate with CGJSErrorHandler = True
- Mapping: Removed the error message when Exception is EAbort

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: hint on button when buttonType = jqbtButton

- Fixed: select the items in AjaxReRender

- Fixed: appearance of context menu with controls
- Fixed: Events on controls

- Fixed: OnKeyUp event

- Fixed: js error in jquery plugin

- Fixed: issue with binding of handleGboxKeys - Chrome & IE execute INSERT on hyhen press
- Fixed: top pager buttons text overlapping

- Fixed: readonly issue on initialization

- Bug with DataLink in ISAPI
- Fixed: AV in design time

- Fixed: css style of label

- Fixed: render size, according to StyleRenderOptions.RenderSize property.

- Fixed: Issue with merging of user options in jquery plugin

- Fixed: issue with mouse scroll
- Fixed: request the "undefined" image on custom theme.

- Fixed: ErrorMessage to CustomRule

- Fixed: item selection when Select method is called

- Fixed: issue with "IWCLIPCONTROL" css class in IW14.0.36
- Minor fix: background color of input in "Absolution" theme, when have error on validation (JQValidateOptions)

* New Components:

- JQWebCam: Details and online Demo

- JQGoogleRecaptcha: Details

* New Features:

- Added: published LayoutMgr property

- Added: published LayoutMgr property
- Added: support to async change of accordion tab caption.

- Added: new property DisplayInlineStretch - If true and DisplayInline = True, stretch (width) the datepicker in container, ie, respecting the property Width.
- Added: new property AutoMaxZPopup - If true, will detect if the control is inside of dialog (if found, use the max ZIndex for popup)

- Added: new property AutoMaxZPopup - If true, will detect if the control is inside of dialog (if found, use the max ZIndex for popup)

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.4.3

- Added: more support for RTL (ClearButton)

- Added: code to abort/cancel all uploads on plugin destroy

- Added: new property ProviderName in TIWCGJQSubGridCol
- Added: new property AlertzIndex: Integer, to define The zIndex value of the alert grid's dialog.

- Added: ZoomOptions property

- Added: support for async change of TexEx property.

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.4.3
- Improved: send state of panel to server

- Added: new property UseSettings - use or not the position settigns.
- Changed: When control is set, also sets PositionOptions.InElement property automatically

- Fixed/Improved: textarea size on browser resize
- Fixed: vertical scroll bar

- Fixed: shows the selected even with visibile = false

- Replaced/Added: Replaced deprecated IWCGJQReCaptcha with IWCGJQGoogleReCaptcha

- Added: force reload parameter in NextRange and PrevRange methods
- Added: new property EventContextMenu - Attach context menu component to items/events
- Added: new property ColorArray - Array of custom colors to apply on event, instead jquery plugin fixed colors.

- Added: HideDialog method

- Updated: jquery plugin

- Added: published LayoutMgr property
- Added: more RTL support - headers

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.5.0
- Added: new property AutoMaxZPopup - If true, will detect if the control is inside of dialog (if found, use the max ZIndex for popup)

- Added: published LayoutMgr property

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: property Color in TIWCGJQWatermarkOptions when UseNative is True.
- Fixed: property Disabled in TIWCGJQSortableOptions - impossible to define to false.
- Ajax Data Mapping: UTF8 to Unicode conversion is not need since IW14.2.33

- Fixed: issue in export with negative valuesIWCGPanelList:
- Fixed: picture issue in UpdateHtml method
- Improved: CSS style for lists

- Fixed: scrolling page up on click

- Changed/Fixed: When DisplayInline = true, will define the menu height according to available space.

- Fixed/Changed: define the list height on open
- Fixed: jquery selector, when changing the css property in async
- Fixed: minor issue on changing async the css property.
- Changed: maxH to 70%

- Fixed: async change of title icon

- Fixed: issue in chrome mobile
- Improved/Fixed: better support in mobile browsers

- Fixed: AV on set the DataSource in design-time
- Fixed: return empty on getText function

- Fixed/Improved: ClearButton feature/plugin
- Fixed: conflict with function names when used MaskOptions & CurrencyOptions in same page.

- Updated/Fixed: jquery plugin (fix issue with count in group header)

- Fixed: the Style property is applied in order to give possibility to override style
- Removed: deprecated AdditionStyle property - the stored value in dfm is merged into Style.
- Fixed: Does not apply the style generated by IW (since

- Fixed: default search operator in toolbar
- Fixed: SearchOperators in TIWCGJQGridNavSearchFormOptions
- Fixed: issue with cellvalue when Col.Formatter = gfcImage and used onGetImage(Ex) event.
- Fixed: missing second argument in Format function (GetFixedScript -> beforeRequest)
- Fixed: clone or return empty object in jquery plugin (RowAttr & RowAttrFn)

- Added: new property CanvasAntiAliasing - Anti-aliasing for images (canvas) (Default: True)

- Added/Fixed: layout issue of week header
- Fixed: wrong date when in "month" view and RTL

- Fixed/Improved: management of tooltips

* New Components:

- JQWeather: Demo

- JQWizard: Demo

- For new awesome jQueryUI Themes: Absolution, Aristo, Delta and Selene

- JQDropDownTree: Demo

- JQEventBinder - General event binding component (

- RTL Support Improvement and consolidation in all components

* New Features:

- Added: overloaded method ScrollTo(const AItemIndex: Integer)
- Added: ScrollTo method in TIWCGPanelListItem
- Added: general OnClick event

- Added: code protection in methods

- Added: possibility to expand multiple sections
- Added: new methods MultiToggleTabs & MultiToggleTab

- Added: new property Default - If Enabled, the button's OnClick event handler executes when the you press the ENTER key. Although an application can have more than one Default button, the form calls the OnClick event handler only for the first visible and enabled button in internal list. Moreover, any button that has focus becomes the Default button temporarily; hence, if you select another button before pressing ENTER, the selected button's OnClick event handler executes instead.

- Fixed: label height issue, after label property in async change

- Added: support for RTL mode

- Added: properties AppendTo and Position, to be able to deal with the problem of dialogs.
- Added: new FocusOnClose property - focus the element after popup close.
- Published: JQEvents property

- Added DataLink property only for the value. Items should be continuing to be added manually.
- Added: new property DataAttributes to TIWCGJQComboBoxExItem

- Added: ItemByUniqueName method in TIWCGJQContextMenuItems

- Added: new property DisplayInlineVertically - When true, the months will appear vertically.
- Added: support for Persian-Jalali calendar (Thanks to Mr. Mehdy Karimpour)

- Updated: to v1.4.6
- Added: new event OnAfterGetFormatSettings
- Added: support for Persian-Jalali calendar (Thanks to Mr. Mehdy Karimpour)

- Added: new property ButtonsAutoFocusFirst - By default, jquery ui framework will set focus on first button. Set to false, to disable this behavior.

- Added: JQValidateOptions support

- Added: nodeLevel property to ANodeData parameter in OnGetChildrenNodes and OnGetChildrenNodesEx

- Added: new methods ShowClearButton & HideButton in TIWCGJQEditClearButtonOptions
- Added: new property Autocomplete: Boolean, to add the html input attribute autocomplete.

- Plugin javascript updated to version 4.6.0
- Added: support for HTMLEditor control in cell (Column.EditOptions.Control)
- Added: missed ClearSearch property - Show/Hide the clear button [x] in toolbar
- Added: Localization settings for ColumnChooser when MultiSelectDlg = true
- Added: RTL support on ColumnChooser
- Added: new property triggerResizeAfterDone - triggers the resize to correct the grid size after dialog close of columnchooser
- Added: focus modal dialog after open
- Improved: RTL support (layout)
- Added: protections in js
- Added: new methods: TreeGridCollapseNode, TreeGridExpandNode, TreeGridCollapseAllNodes & TreeGridExpandAllNodes.

- Cleaned: memory leaks
- Fixed: show the events in visible prev/next month

- Added: new parameter AAddSemicolon in jsUpdateSource,jsGetContent, jsSetContent and jsSave - Default: True - Add the semicolon at end of javascript code.
- Added: new property UpdateSizeInterval - The number of milliseconds to wait before executing the update size code.

- Added: destroy method in jquery plugin

- Added: new property HideBodyScrollOnHover - If image size is greater then available space, the image will overflow and show the scrolls on body. To avoid the scrolls on body, set this property to true.
- Added: new property TrackMouse - If true, will track the cursor position.

- Added/Changed: Possibility to add the step without control

- Fixed: issue with align/size of components inside panel, when InitHidden = True or InitClosed = True.

- Added: new method IWCGMessageDlgEx - do same as IWCGMessageDlg but with auto-height feature
- Added: support of html tags in message

- Added: RTL support to popups of sub-menu
- Improved: position calculation when document is in RTL mode.

- Added: JQPivotLocale - Translation settings
- Updated: jquery plugin

- Implemented: revert the operation when raise on Adding/Editing/Removing
- Added: New event OnGetData, to have the opportunity to change the Items, given the start and end dates.
- Added: new property ViewEventDlgStrFormat - Content format of event dialog (view event details).
- Added: new property FastCRUD - When true, will avoid show the small dialog, and call directly the CRUD schedule frame.

- Added: new AjaxAddTab overload method

- Improved/Fixed: layout of themeswitcher
- Unlocked: height of component - now, the component support any height
- Added: new properties "PopupWidth" and "DisplayMode"

- Added: support for RTL mode.

- Updated: jquery validate plugin to 1.13.0
- Added: new parameter "ASilently" to Validate method in ValidateOptions

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.6.4 - fixes the issue with drag in state machine

- Added: popup menu with "Add" & "Remove" items in StyleEditor.
- Added: possibility to set base64 source in picture.url
- Support for XE7
- Support for IW14.0.34
- Support for IW11.0.63

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: method ScrollTo(AItem: TIWCGPanelListItem)

- Fixed: size issue when ActiveTabIndex = -1 and Collapsible = True

- Fixed/Implemented: Style property, will apply to element.
- Fixed: doesn't show the hint text when JQButtonOptions.Text = False and Hint <> ''

- Fixed: wasn't synchronizing the values onclick with displayInline
- Fixed: position issue of menu when used in modal dialog
- Fixed: update hidden input when Item.Selected is changed in async
- Fixed: property ClipRegion is False by default.
- Fixed: default value of width property in TIWCGJQCheckBoxListFilterOptions

- Fixed: ClassName property with "_" provoke js error
- Fixed: Destroy js code when used RenderRegionAsyn / AjaxReRender
- Fixed: min-height css property in separator item.

- Fixed: issue with updating of hidden input value

- Fixed: Time format issue - convert js format to delphi format

- Fixed: AutoWidth property
- Fixed/Added: js hack to reinitialize the IWCGHTMLEditor after maximize
- Fixed: uncheck the Focused property in button

- Fixed: javascript error when used/changed formatSelectionTooBig property
- Fixed: .Val wasn't working if Multiple=True

- Fixed/Implemented: Style property, will apply to container div
- Fixed: CurrencyOptions weren't working with Ajax Render.
- Fixed: FocusColor wasn't working
- Fixed: jquery plugin issue with hideOnBlur property.
- Fixed: ClearButton visibility on ReadOnly & Disabled control
- Fixed: issue with value when SetValue & GetValue method are used in same event.
- Fixed: CurrencyOptions weren't working properly.
- Fixed: render of input container size in async
- Fixed: ClearButton - position and height when element is hidden (e.g: In dialog)
- Fixed: ClearButton - update the hidden input on clear
- Fixed: ClearButton - update the position on after browser resize
- Fixed: issue on getting of id of PopElement

- Fixed: freezing of messages in iOS

- Fixed: Wasn't working properly, if both fixed columns and groupheaders were used
- FormatOptionsDateTime.NewFormatDelphi incorrect translation to PHP date in hours.
- Fixed: problem with pager align right, since the plugin was updated to version 4.6.
- Fixed: render container size in async.
- Fixed: Show top pager when JQGridOptions.TopPager = True and JQGridOptions.PagerVisible = False and JQGridNav.CloneToTop = True
- Fixed: focus the ColumnChooser dialog - will prevent the closing of behind dialog
- Fixed: defaultSearch operation in toolbar
- Fixed: dialog options property.
- Fixed: issue with SelectTopRowOnLoad when have groups
- Fixed: issue with search dialog position when dir = rtl
- Fixed: avoid the closing the behind dialogues on ESC, when closeOnEscape = false
- Fixed: display of query when dir = rtl (forced : ltr)
- Fixed: wrong gbox selector in search dialog
- Fixed: destroy IWCL object on plugin destroy

- Fixed: Support for JQGridToolbarSearch.SearchOperators. (StringResult must be False)
- Fixed/Added: allow duplicate rules in TIWCGJQProviderSearchRules

- Fixed: issue with css property

- Fixed: destroy plugin on destroy.
- Fixed: found & fixed bug in jquery plugin

- Fixed, problem with image and design-time.
- Fixed: Proportional resize when image change is in async

- Fixed: PluginVersion property...(0.8.0)

- MaxLenght was not being respected
- Fixed: issue with storage of TabReplacement.Use property.
- Fixed: property ReadOnly - relation with Editable property of inner memo.

- Fixed: identification of components
- Fixed: possibility to close the dialog when raises the exception

- Fixed: several issues with textarea element (memo)

- Fixed: js error on show "others"
- OnSchedulerEventAdded wasn't called if a new item was created without going to details
- Fixed JQSchedulerLocale.HintAllDayEvent and JQSchedulerLocale.HintRepeatEvent, can now be empty. Removed [] from the javascript. Put break lines even if it's Firefox
- Added/Fixed: show default error message onRequestDataError
- Fixed: issue in dateFormat with formats
- Updated: SchedulerLocale settings
- Added: new property ShowEditBtnOnNewEvent - Show / Hide the Edit button on new event (Default: False) - This is a feature of jquery plugin, but doesn't make sense on new event creation.

- Fixed: issue with Max & Min properties in jquery plugin, when they are changed in ajax
- Fixed: json generation of Max & Min properties

- Fixed: Problem loading TabIndex from dfm

- Fixed: issue with changing of theme, when used IWServerController.StyleSheet.Filename property.
- Fixed: the display issue of title when the width was not enough

- Fixed: chrome draw issue with message paint
- Fixed/Updated: ValidateOptions rules description(help)
- Fixed: depricated jqvorvEMail2 rule
- Improved: default position options in jquery validate plugin

- Fixed: property Picture.PictureCss now is used
- Fixed: issue with display of images > 16x16
- Fixed/Updated: appearance of sub-items on click when Accordion = True (updated jquery plugin)

- Fixed: JQEvents - events OnKeyPress / OnKeyUp / OnKeyDown - force update hidden input.
- Fixed: jQuery UI issue with closeOnEscape and multiple dialogues

* New Components:

JQSpreadSheet: Demo here. Based in this spectacular and powerful jQuery plugin.

JSPlumb: Demo here. Using this awesome library.

New Features:

- Added: implemented the code to set checked/unchecked state in ajax.

- Improved: detection method of browser's support of CSS3 3D Transforms.
- Added: property ActiveDTPageIndex, to be able to change caroussel panels at design-time

- Published: jsGetActiveNode method
- Added: new tree node command type: dtnGetLevel

- Added: possibility to cancel the upload
- Added: property UploadingFileList - the list of stored/uploading files.
- Added: new method CancelFileUpload

- Export to Excel will exclude columns with Formatter = gcfControl
- Providers: When a ReloadGrid is called, resets the current Page to 1, if is lesser than the Total Nr of Pages
- CellProvider: Verification of Null Values
- Added: TreeIcons property to TIWCGJQGridOptions
- Added properties Col.FormatOptionsImage.HRef: string, Col.FormatOptionsStaticImage.HRef, Col.FormatOptionsLinkClick.HRef, default value 'javascript:void(0)'.

- Added: new method SetCursorAt(const APos: TIWCGJQHTMLEditorCursorAt; const AScroll: Boolean = True)

JQGridProviderCells and JQGridProviderCollection
- Applied that same date, float and currency format logic as in JQProviderDataSet, if Column.Formmatter in [gcfDate,gcfTime,gcfDateTime], depends on Column.FormatOptions...NewFormat, if Column.Formmatter in [gcfNumber,gcfCurrency] depends also on Column.FormatOptions...DecimalSeparator, .ThousandSeparator

- Added: default value of property "Value"

- Added: support for multiple instances
- Published events OnSchedulerEventAdded, OnSchedulerEventUpdated and OnSchedulerEventDeleting.

- Added: support to ajax changing of ItemCss property

JQAccordion, JQToolbar, JQTreeView, JQVertMenu, JQPanelList, JQFileUpload and JQMPopup:
- Replaced href='#' with href='javascript:void(0)', to not change the current hash, if JQAjaxBrowserHistory is used.

Core - jQueryUI
- Improved: detection of dialogs to set the maxZ

* Bug fixes:

- Fixed: removed "console" from javascript files

- Fixed: Wasn't showing the indicator for OnCallback event
- Fixed: Sub-menu item overlap parent menu item when the menu show close to the browser border.

- Added: Browser destroy javascript
- Fixed: JQCropOptions.SetSelect and .ReleaseSel weren't updating JQCropOptions.Selection
- Fixed: Changing the image in an ajax event wasn't working

- Fixed: lowercase the type attr value - validate plugin doesn't work when property PasswordPrompt = true

- Fixed/Added: patch in jquery plugin to fix the size in invisible UI Tab.
- Fixed: javascript error on resize
- Fixed: on resize, also resize editor container

- Added: new method ConvertAndSaveAsPNG - convert to canvas and save as png image.

- Fixed: OnSelectCell wasn't updating JQGridOptions.SelRow's relative hidden input value.
- Fixed: support for having both JQGridToolbarSearch.Active and JQGridNav.Search = True (since
- Col.FormatOptionsImage.PreviewOptions and Col.FormatOptionsStaticImage.PreviewOptions weren't working properly with Columns defined at design-time

- Fixed: layout of box in MousePosition widget

- Fixed: javascript error when created in run-time and used AjaxReRender.
- Fixed: wrong json generation of MapStyle property

- Fixed: property path when ISAPI

- Fixed: parameters on OnAdd event

- Fixed: issue with ShowNotification method in jquery plugin
- Fixed: Wasn't showing the indicator for OnConfirm or OnCancel events

- In ISAPI mode, internal requests sent by some jquery plugins ($.ajax), were getting to the server in UTF-8. It was affecting national character inputs in AutoComplete/DropDown/Grid Search.
- Fixed: draw issue in safari - jquery bug with .text() and .html()
- For Intraweb 14, registers the mime for .bmp, since is used with ImageLists
- Ajax Render: Hidden inputs render script, must be executed before everything else.

* New Components:

- JQSlidePanel, based in this jQuery plugin

- JQRating: demo here

- JQLabelMarquee: demo

- JQStickyPanel: demo here and here

- New method for Ajax Render, using LazyLoad.js, faster than the existing one, but since is asynchronous in browser, it cannot be used indiscriminately (must be called at the end of the events).
- Support for XE6.
- Support for latest versions of Intraweb 12 and 14.

New Features:

Bootstrap Theme:
- Improved: support to jquery ui 1.8.23

- Added: new property AutoCenterVert (default: True)
- Added: possibility to override the auto generated item style via ItemStyle property.
- Improved: image/icon in header
- Added: new property NoIcon to HeaderOptions
- Changed: OnClick.Ajax default is true now
- Changed: renders header even without items

- Added: new method TriggerEventInBrowser

- Added: possibility to show/hide the contextmenu via code
- Added: warning messages to console (Debug = True). when the contextmenu doesn't have items or selectors.

- Updated: plugin version: support for touch-screens.

- Added: ShowPopUpOnReadOnly - show/hide the datepicker popup when input is readonly

- Added: the method setter, allow change the options in ajax

- Added: property CurrencyOptions
- Added: Clear buttons options

- Added: support for IW templates - changed the js code to be responsive to container.
- Added: new method UpdateSize;
- Added: protection to methods

- properties TIWCGJQGridSortItem.Name and .Sort changed to writable.
- Improved: minor change in css - overflow in pager buttons
- Added properties JQGridNav.FormsOptions.SearchOptions.Left and .Top
- Added: new optional parameter to method ReloadGrid to allow reloading the current page (without changing Multi Selections)
- Added: TIWCGJQGridColFormatOptionsStaticImage and TIWCGJQGridColFormatOptionsImage OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut events
- Added: PreviewOptions to TIWCGJQGridColFormatOptionsStaticImage and TIWCGJQGridColFormatOptionsImage

- Added: properties ReadOnly and Enabled

- Added: PreviewOptions

- Added: usage of the cursor property

- Improved/Added: support for ajax changing of TIWCGJQGMap3MarkerOptions properties:
* Icon
* Cursor
* Draggable
* Title
* Visible
* ZIndex
- Added: Support for changing properties of multiple markers

- Merged: with new version of plugin

- Added: property OverwriteDataOpts - is a boolean defaulting to false which controls what happens if this function is called
repeatedly on the same element. If set to true, the options object overwrites the current state of the UI. If set to false, only the input data set changes, and the state of the UI remains the same, unless this is the first call, at which point the UI will be set to the options.
- Added: save the AggregatorName and RendererName onRefresh

- Added: implemented js code to enabled propery

- Added: support for jquery ui themes

- Added: new property PromptInputType
- Added: possibility to call unclosable log message
- Added: method to hide the log message

- Added: new ItemsByUniqueName method in TIWCGJQVertMenuItems
- Added: TriggerClickEvent method in TIWCGJQVertMenuItem
- Added: Select method to TIWCGJQVertMenuItem

- Improved: support for jXXXX jquery themes
- Changed: the visibility js code - set the "inherit" instead "visible"
- Improved: AjaxReRender method - removed unnecessary form tags and added verification of StyleTag
- Added: AjaxReRender - support of javascript indexOf method for < IE8
- Improved: touch events in mobile devices
- Improved: cgdevtools js setfocus function
- Added: new overload method for JQValidateOptions.AddMethod
- Added: cgsbsVerticalAuto and cgsbsHorizontalAuto to TIWCGScrollStyle
- Added inherited property TabStop for all components

* Bug Fixes:

Bootstrap Theme:
- Fixed: bootstrap theme issues with Tabs

- Fixed: issue with IWCGMessageDlg when used in template

- Fixed: issue with image on right side

- Fixed: property Animated when is False.

- Fixed: apply the style to text span when options are changed.
- Fixed: design time prompt message when ConfirmationMsg was assigned

- Fixed: caption in jXXXX themes

- Fixed: MinDate and MaxDate, in javascript the months are from 0 to 11

- Added: protection from js error in ResizeScript
- Added: protection when doesn't have items or not initialized

- Fixed: the issue with callback in submenu's

- Fixed: properties MinDate and MaxDate when assigned the date value

- Added: protection for js error
- Fixed: title icon when setted via url

- Fixed: issue with focus of input search when component used in dialog modal
- Fixed: jquery plugin events, now pass the event data in arguments
- Fixed: Issue with FormatSelectionTooBig property

- Fixed: Disabled calling on OnChange for programatically text changes

- Fixed: vertical align of caption in design time
- Removed: the code to delete the file on exception
- Fixed: json structure on error
- Fixed: AV on upload when ISAPI

- Fixed: issue with visibility of ControlTemplate
- Fixed: the height of pager input
- Fixed: height calculation when grid is hidden
- Fixed: JQGridProviderCells wasn't working for editing.
- Fixed: Grid with Columns.Formatter=gcfControl and Col.FormatOptionsControl.CreateCellsOnRender=True, wasn't working in Frames
- Fixed: datepicker regional options
- Fixed: datepicker regional options

- Fixed: appearance at startup when Enabled = False
- Fixed: SetFocus method

- Fixed: render of font style when link.

- Fixed: AV on set url in design time when LayerType is TIWCGJQMapQueryLayerJSONOptions

- Fixed: width of menu when MenuOrientation = jqmoVertical

- Fixed: issue with color typing

- Fixed: wrong order in IWCGJQPivotAggregator
- Fixed: missing js file to upload when D3Renderers = True
- Fixed: the appearance of treemap

- Fixed: stretch of media element

- Fixed: removed the version from link on change of theme
- Fixed: escape default value

- Fixed: height render on async change

- Fixed: issue with spin buttons, when the control is hidden (not visibile)

- Added: protection for empty string
- Fixed: scroll inside in Chrome when JQueryUI = True

- Adjusted the position of toolbar when Position = jqtbpLeft

- Fixed: property color in jquery plugin, restore original color

- Fixed: assign issue in inherited form( TIWCGJQVertMenuItemPictureOptions)

- JQDragOptions, JQDropOptions, JQResizeOptions, JQEffects and JQPositionOptions, were only be saved if Enabled.

* New Components:

JQSQLBuilder: Based in EasyQuey.JS. Very special thanks to Mr. Sergiy Korzh for all the help.


- JQTwitter stopped working since Twitter moved from API Version 1.0 to 1.1 and now turned off V1.0.
- Replaced broken component/plugin by new one, with support for Twitter API Version 1.1

- New method to detect when the wwwroot is not updated

New Features:

- New method: LocateRowId, to locate the dataset with a give RowId
- New method: SortBy, to be used only with Cells Provider and Collection Provider. Sort all the server rows, given the column names
- Method GroupingToggle had an incorrect name (Toogle) and wasn't working properly.
- Added: possibility to define whether or not the export hidden columns - new parameter "AExportHiddenCols" to ExportToExcel method.
- Added TreeOptions to JQGridDataSetProvider and the events OnTreeLazyLoad and OnTreeGetInfo to work with jqgrid as TreeGrid, setting JQGridOptions.TreeGrid = True, .TreeGridModel = gtgmAdjacency
- If Col.EditOptions.NullIfEmpty = True, it clears / blanks the respective field when working with JQGridProviderDataSet and Edit modes.
- New Formatters: gcfTime and gcfDateTime
- if DateFormatOptionsDate.NewFormat, DateFormatOptionsTime.NewFormat, DateFormatOptionsDateTime.NewFormat are specified, the server it will used in GridProviderDataSet edition to convert DateTime. Until now we had to set Col.EditRules.Date = True and Col.DateFmt (in PHP), that also checks the date/time in browser, but this validation doesn't support all formats.
- New properties DateFormatOptionsDate.NewFormatDelphi, DateFormatOptionsTime.NewFormatDelphi and DateFormatOptionsDateTime.NewFormatDelphi to enter the date/time format in Delphi format.
- In unit IWCGJQCommon, renamed function names PHPToDelphiDate to PHPToDelphiDateFmt, DelphiToPHPDate to DelphiToPHPDateFmt and added functions PHPToDelphiTimeFmt, PHPToDelphiDateTimeFmt, DelphiToPHPTimeFmt and DelphiToPHPDateTimeFmt
- Support for having both JQGridToolbarSearch.Active and JQGridNav.Search = True

- Adapted: The Indicator items were only be rendered if there was events using it at render time, or if SubmitIndicatorIndex / AsyncIndicatorIndex > 0. Since now it always be render to ease to process of associating to frames
and regions added asynchronously.

- Added: In method DownloadFileName(const AServerFileName: string; const ABrowserFileName: string = ''), added the optional argument ABrowserFileName to define how is the file to be known in the client side.

- Added: new feature EMail autocomplete

- Added: new "OnSaveSuccess" and "OnSaveError" events.

- Added: property TIWCGJQDynaTreeNode.UniqueName is now writable
- Added: property TIWCGJQDynaTreeNodes.ItemsByUniqueName, with binary search

- Added: new property LoadSourceOptions - Used to load the data/content from a url to label via ajax.

- Upadted: jquery plugin to 2.14.0 (bugfix's)

- Updated: jquery plugin (bug fix's only)

- Added: support for JQDragOptions, JQDropOptions and JQResizeOptions

- Added: support for JQDragOptions, JQDropOptions and JQResizeOptions
- Changed: the default value of TextVertAlign to jqletvaCenter (in most cases need this one)
- Changed: The default height of control
- Improved: design time rendering of align properties
- Improved: merge and apply the Style property in design time

JQDialog, JQDialogEx:
- Added: published JQEvents class

- Added: new events OnAfterChangeQuantity and OnExceedMaxQuantity
- Added: maxquantity to set the max quantity per product

- Added: JQValidateOptions.Validate method

- Added: new methods RemoveProp and Clear.

- Added: new funcionality, when ItemHeight = 0, the panel item will adjust automatically
- Added: new FilterOptions property

- Updated: jquery plugin to 1.3.5

- Added: new methods ExecNodeCommand and "jsNodeCommand"
- Added: ClearCookies method

- Improvement in Script Renderization

- Added: VisitedCss property
- Changed: default value of OpenClass property

- Added: new property LoadUrl - The url to load the tab content via ajax. Usually, used to load the html or text files into tab.

- Updated: jquery plugin to V0.8.0
- Added: New properties: ShowButtons, ShowBullets and ScrollToElement

- Replaced: javascript (IW method) of SetFocus by cg new method.
- Updated: jquery cookie plugin to v1.4.0

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: If Col.Formatter = gcfNumber or Col.Formatter = gcfCurrency, it will use the FormatOptions.DecimalSeparator and .ThousandSeparator to convert to server format when editing.
- Fixed: If JQGridBindKey.Active were used, it was sending the event OnSelectRow with JQGridOptions.SelRow = "".
- Grid.LocateSelectedRowId wasn't working properly, if JQGridProviderDataSet.KeyFields included a date field
- JQgridOptions.MultiSort = true, wasn't working properly at the provider

- Fixed: Icon path issue in subitems

- If there was only one row in dataset used for listing, it wasn't showing at the second time

- Fixed: rendering of canvas

- Fixed: path to preview template
- Fixed: compressed js file

- Fixed: css padding of ul
- Changed/Fixed: LoadKeyPath method, now accept new parameters AExpandParents and AActivate. Fixed the activate node when lazy load.
- Fixed: size on AjaxReRender

- Fixed: triggering of "save" event on load, when AutoSave = True (default)
- Fixed: doesn't set the value when value is empty - clear content

- Fixed: rendering css style when template is used

JQTimePicker, JQMemoEx, JQDatePicker, JQEdit:
- Fixed: attachment of validation (jquery plugin) to form

- Setting DateFormat with 2 digits for date and/or wasn't accepting 1 digit only, setting 4 digits for year wasnt accepting up to 2 digits.

- Fixed: issue with buttons position

- Fixed: assign issue in design-time when used inheritable form

- Published JQResizeOptions

- Fixed: issue with height on resize
- Fixed: jump to first item on resize

- Fixed: Assign issue in design time

- Fixed: missed ';' on methods.
- Fixed: assign the TIWCGJQComboBoxExIcon error in design-time

- Fixed: ignoring the CharCase property on GetText and SetText methods.
- Replaced: Execute CGSetFocus javascript on set focus

- Fixed: issue with tabbing inside dialog when modal (jump to behind elements)

- Fixed: vertical text alignment, when ButtonType = jqbtButton and Button.Height less then height with padding (jquery ui theme)

- Fixed: javascript error after refreshing/rerender the google maps.
- Changed: The method CurrEventParamsJs.

- Fixed: issue with enable/disable property in async

- Fixed: property Counter in TIWCGJQShareButtonLinkedInOptions
- Fixed: removed fixed size of buttons

- Fixed: appearance of progress label

- Fixed: position issue of popup when Control is TIWCGJQDropDown and IWCGJQDropDown.JQDropDownOptions.AttachTo = jqddatInput

- Fixed: Bad url generation, if ServerController.URLBase was specified.

* New Components:




New jQueryUI Theme: Bootstrap

* New Features:

- Added: new property TabsTop

- Added: support for async changing of item properties: Caption, Selected and Disabled

- Added: default BrowserParams to events: OnClick, OnDblClick, OnFocus, OnBlur, OnSelect, OnExpand and OnLazyRead

- Added: focus/hover state
- Added TabIndex renderization

- Added: support for calling fancybox methods from JQLabelEx
- Added: support for images with href = "data:image"

- Added: support to override the captions and messages of edit/add/view/del forms
- Added: new method SetEnableNavButton in JQGridNav
- Added: new column event: OnGetImageEx, to get more attributes (width/height/css class) and style
- Added: new property Alignment to FormatOptionsImage and FormatOptionsStaticImage
- New: Possibility of defining a given Control (Column.EditOptions.Control) to be used as the Cell/Form editor control. If CellEdit=True, Col.EditOptions.Align and Col.EditOptions.Position can be used to define how the control will be adjusted in the cell.
Auto Get/Set Value for JQAutoComplete, JQCheckBoxEx, JQComboBoxEx, JQDatePicker, JQDropDown, JQEdit, JQMemoEx.
Any other control, requires Col.EditOptions.OnCustomValueElement.Script to be defined, with a script like this
if (operation == "get") return someval; else setval;
- Added: Method JQGridOptions.Sort, to invoke sort programatically.
- Added: Event JQGridOptions.OnGroupClick, triggered when the user clicks on a group.
- Added: If Toolbar search is used, it will look for JQGridToolbarSearch.DefaultSearch to know what operation to perform in SQL generation (contains, begins with, etc...). Also will look for JQGridToolbarSearch.GroupOp to define if
will perform AND or OR between each column expression.
- New: DragAndDropOptions in GroupingView - allows group the data by drag and drop the column to drop area
- Added: the new property OnDropColGroupFn to DragAndDropOptions
- Added/Fixed: the "GroupingGroupBy" function (support to multiple grouping)

- Added: new properties : Proportional and Center
- Added: js on after browser resize when Proportional = True

- Improved/Added: possibility to override the media type
- Added: new property OnBeforeInitScript

- Updated jquery plugin to new version (new properties)

- Added: new property LabelStyle
- Added: published JQEvents

- Added TabIndex renderization

- Added: TabsHidden - hide the header (tabs).
- Added: new property TabsTop

- Added: InternalBrowserParam "key" to JQEvent.OnKeyPress,JQEvent.OnKeyDown and JQEvent.OnKeyUp
- Added: Added the event OnAfterRenderHTML (for each JQControl). We can use it as an opportunity to change the final HTML.
- Support for IW14.0.25

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Verification of CharCase property when component is connected via DataLink.

- Fixed: Wasn't calling LockIndicator

- Fixed: Changing CaptionPosition at design-time, wasn't refreshing.

- Added: default value for StyleRendeOptions.RenderBorder property.

- Fixed: Changed binding element of JQEvents events.
- Fixed: TabIndex property - "tabindex" attribute to correct element.
- Fixed: SetFocus

- Fixed: title header when ChangeMonth and ChangeYear are True, and region file contain yearSuffix.

- Improved: protection on GET method when request file from server

- Fixed: issue with closing another popup components
- Fixed: SetFocus

- Changed: default value of DebugLevel to jqdtdlQuiet

- Fixed: Verification of CharCase proeprty when component is connected via DataLink.
- Fixed: Default property Font.Enabled in the dfm

- Fixed: rowattr as json string in jquery plugin
- Fixed: Clearing JQGridOptions.SelRows, if .MultiSelect = True, in .ReloadGrid and .ResetSelection
- Fixed: On browser destroy, make sure that the edit alert is destroyed
- Fixed: JQGridOptions.InsertNewRow was generating a js error
- Fixed: When JQGridOptions.CellEdit=True, if the user pressed right-click it will making all cells editable at once
- Fixed: pager position (gaRight)
- Fixed: If AdjustHeightToRows and has horizontal scrolls, needs to count to on scrollbar height

- Fixed: Verification of CharCase proeprty when component is connected via DataLink.
- Fixed: js error on paste

- Fixed: pluginPath

- Fixed: Changing CaptionPosition at design-time, wasn't refreshing.

- Fixed: issue with focus

- Fixed: Issue with height on rendering

- Fixed: escape messsage

- Fixed: issue in IE8 when used AjaxReRender.

- Added/Fixed: readonly support in jquery plugin

- Fixed: scroll to current theme

- Fixed: issue in ToolTip balloon, when position = tpBottom

Due to a build error in previous version

* New Component:

JQDynaTree: is a tree component simpler than JQTreeView, but also with incredible powerful

Take a look at the online demo

* New Components:

- JQMessageDlg

- JQCheckBoxList

- JQAjaxBrowserHistory

- JQStore / Local Storage

- JQGantt

* New Features:

- Updated: updated jquery plugin to 4.5.4
- New event JQGridOptions.OnAdjustedHeightToRows called when using JQGridOptions.AdjustHeightToRows=True
- TIWCGJQGridColSearchOptions.SearchOperators as an alternative to TIWCGJQGridColSearchOptions.SOpt, but with operations order
- TIWCGJQGridNavSearchFormOptions.SearchOperators as an alternative to TIWCGJQGridNavSearchFormOptions.SOpt, but with operations order
- Added: new JQGridOptions.RowAttr and RowAttrFn properties.
- When JQGridOptions.InlineEditing = True, if the user presses tab or enter in the last editable column, it will go to the next row, and if its the last row, it will insert a new row.
- If JQGridOptions.InlineEditing = True, the Enter, Up and Down key are not used to scroll the rows if editing a cell from a Column with EditType=gcetTextArea
- New method: JQGridOptions.InsertRow Inserts a newrow in the grid. This method it's only designated to work with InlineEditing = True

- Added: new property JQEvents to Tab

- Added: Now, each JQMultiSelect can use own JQCustomLocal strings

- Added: possibility to add the jquery selector to SelectorStringList

- Added: default value of css white-space property

JQGridDataSetProvider :
- Added property AutoPost: Boolean, default True. If False, the DataSet.Post must be done specifically.

JQGridCollectionProvider and JQGridDataSetProvider:
- The following methods were passed to public, so that they can be called in ProviderEvents: DoGetXML, DoSubGetXML, DoAddXML, DoEditXML, DoDeleteXML, DoExportExcelXML

- Changed: the method of print when AScrollableElem = True

- Added: new event OnStateChanged - this event is triggered when chanhed the Enabled property. Useful for change the image source when Enabled = False.

- Added: new function jsDownloadFileName and jsDownloadUrl
- Added: new property AlertOnFail

- Added: new property ImageGallery - Use this list for the galleries with images.

- Added: possibility to create your own toolbar with buttons

- Linked property Date to DateTime

- Added: new property Columns

JQFacebookWall (aka faceboob :)
- Updated to new working version

- Added: new method of validation : jqvorvDateTrue - check valid date
- Added: new procedure AddMethod to add custom methods of validation

- Javascript Error if the Caption cotained double-quotes

- Added: property JQProgressBarOptions.CaptionType to display the percentage or the value in the progressbar
- Added: property JQProgressBarOptions.CaptionColor

- Added: new MaxImageWidth & MaxImageHeight properties - If not specified, will be used window size.

- Added: new property StateEditCss - This css class will be applied when DataLink is in editing, and removed when is not in editing.

- Added: new methods CGSetPrevFocus, CGSetNextFocus, CGSetPrevTab and CGSetNextTab.
- Support for IW12.2.27
- Support for IW14.0.22
- Support for XE5
- Improved: added drag'n'drop to javscript editor
- Improved: added splitter
- ServerController.URLBase prepended to generic url formation

* Bug Fixes:

- Grid wasn't resizing in a Dialog.
- Since version, wasn't reloading autiomatically the grid if the DataSet was opened or closing
- When Formatter=gcfShowLink and Col.OnGetLink is specified, it looks for FormatOptionShowLink.Target to add attribute.
- Fixed: not generated json to DisplayField property when grouping.
- Fixed: NaN value in grand total when value have comma(",") as decimal separator.
- Fixed: issue with row position of controltemplate when used groups and summuries.

- Fixed: changing the index when disabled

- Fixed: resize issue
- Fixed: issue with vertical scrollbar

- Wasn't working in IW14 / IE8 / SA
- Wasn't calling OnGetFileName if the upload was made with multipart form - IE8
- In IW12 / ISAPI / Apache wasnt getting the uploaded FileName

- Fixed: render async size

- If there were aligned Tabs inside another Tabs it wasn't showing properly.

- Fixed: OnDblClick event

- Fixed: loading the tabindex in design time.

- Wasn't interpreting national characters

- It was calling ReloadGrid also for the SubGridProvider, if its dataset active changed.
- Fixed: Typo in SubGridProvider assign, causing a EListError. Error in jQueryDemo + Grid Demo + Sub Grid.

- When DateTime was 0, wasn't clearing the control

- Fixed: issue at json generation of LegendOptions
- Fixed: issue in pie chart (Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount)

- Fixed/Update: updated to 1.5.0Pre version of jquer plugin (because of issue with formatted text)
- Fixed: popup style

- Fixed: escape caracters in text

- If there was invisible tabs it wasn't setting the right ActiveTab / ActiveTabIndex

- DataLink: if Field is Integer Field, works with ItemIndex else works with Items[i].Value

- Fixed: DataLink it wasn't work properly.

- Fixed: the filename encode

- Fixed: duplication of elements in AjaxReRender

- Fixed: NS_ERROR_FAILURE in firefox when editor is invisible

- Fixed: placeholder issue when contected to datafield
- It wasn't calling OnOpen since the last plugin update.

- AjaxReRender conflits in C++
- Install problem with TChromium
- IW10 Ajax Data Loading for SessionTrackingMethods <> tmCookie wasn't working.
- RenderAsync was removing Line Breaks.
- Fixed: AjaxReRender for TIWCGJQComponent.

* New Components:

- JQGMap3

- JQShowMessage

- JQCreditCardValidator

- JQDateTimePicker

- JQPlayer

- IDE Help Integration - Documentation Generation using Documentation Insight. Documentation largely extended.

- Major improvement in Design-Time rendering, using Chromium (CEF) has default Design Time Render.

- Support for IW 14.0.20 (identical to 14.0.19).

* New Features:

- Added: new property "IconStyle"

- Improved: Watermark replaced with html attr "placeholder" in modern/recent browsers.

- Added: "DblClick" event

- Added: new property FilterInput
- Added: new properties ItemStyle and NoWrap

- Added: SaveImage method

- Added: new method SaveAsImage

- Added: new property PreviewOnly
- Added: support of changing the color in async

- Added: new property "HeaderText"

- Updated: jquery plugin noty to 2.1.0
- Added: new property "MaxVisible" and new event "OnCloseClick"

- Added: new events "OnBeforeTreeExpandNode" and "OnBeforeTreeCollapseNode"
- New property: AdjustHeightToRows, If true, automatically adjusts the Height of the Grid to accomodate the height all the rows + headers and footers
- If Fields OnGetText is assigned, it will call it.
- InlineEditing - Keyboard movement for Cell Editing
- Removed Unused Events JQGridOptions.OnAfterLastRowKeyDownPress / .OnAfterLastRowKeyUpPress.
- Added events JQGridOptions.OnInlineInsert and JQGridOptions.OnInlineCancel
- Added: new property "ColumnHeaders" to show/hide the column headers

- Added: new property NoWrap (default value: False)

- Added: protection in jquery plugin for cookiename = ""

- Added: support for jalali calendar
- Added: new property ContainerCss

- Added: new property ContainerCss
- Added: new property CharCase

- Added: new property AutoSave - When true, the HTML Editor will automatically save the changes.

- Updated: jquery plugin to 2.65.0-2013.09.02

- Added: new property Visible to Buttons

- Added: new property CGRenderIWBorders

- Added property TIWCGJQMenuItem.Tag: NativeInt

-Added: support for scrollable elements.

- Added: new property "Resizable" - Turn editor resizable on/off

- Replaced: watermark plugin by new one with password type support.
- Added: new cgdevtools options form
- Added: possibility to render Form.ContentFiles & Global ContentFiles in DesignTime
- Added: new menu items in CGDevTools menu
- CGJSErrorHandler, set to false by Default
- AsyncRender: AKeepPosition parameter.
When the component initially is invisible (property Visible = False) and have the parent control property RenderInvisibleControls setted to False (default),
the html code of element is not generated, so when javascript code of AjaxReRender is executed, it raise with javascript error.
- TIWCGFieldDataLink: Only updates a Field value if Field.CanModify

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: json string for images
- Fixed: hint property when attached TMainMenu.

- Fixed: Trigger the change event, when the text is set programmatically.

- Fixed: js error when Obj is null

- Fixed: disabled property

- JQuery plugin bug in CellAttr (wwwroot needs to be updated)
- If DataProvider.DataSet was closed while grid was being destroyed there was an AV.

- If JQDialogOptions.TitleIcon.Picture.Url was defined, the image size was being set to 0 x 0.

- Fixed: Image path in IW14

- Fixed: color text when used placeholder

- Fixed: maxlenght on init, when input doesn't have max, min and step attributes.
- Fixed: property Value return 0 when used Prefix or Suffix property.

- Fixed: visibility issue

- Fixed: JQTabs BorderOptions

- Fixed: shows popup when readonly

- Fixed: OnConfirm callback when used simple ShowMessage

JQEdit and JQMemo:
- In certain versions of Intraweb 12, the control is resizing automatically after changing the DataLink State.

- Fixed: issue with the wwwroot folder synchronizer tool when output directory is empty.
- Problem with national chars in the event Params
- When cg component is destroyed in an ajax event, it instructs the ActiveForm to Refresh the Hash Table after
- Images in Ajax with UserCache=True weren't working due to the new IW14 cache.
- Added missing components for 64 bit platform
- Problems with Resize win Win64 bit platform

* New Components:

JQIntro: Introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects

JQReCaptcha: The popular Google captcha

JQBarCode: Bar Codes of any type

JQQRCode: Generate QR code

JQPayPalCart: Great way to improve your PayPal integration by creating an overlay which appears as a user adds products to their cart

JQHotKeyHighlight: For highlighting accesskeys (hotkeys

JQPrint: To print any IW control

GroupBox: This was a must have.

JQToolBar: Allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars

JQBrowserScrollBars: Stylish scrollbars for webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari)

JQHTMLSnippet: Direct HTML and Script component

Javascript Errors Monitor

Reference Documentation widely extended.

New Demo - V2, with source code (installed in MyDocuments Folder)

Support for IW14.0.13 and IW12.2.20

Source Code availabilty (by email request until the end of August).

* New Features:

- Updated: jquery plugin to 3.4.1 (github version)
- Added: support for setvalue single/multiple value when AttachTo = jqddatInput
- Added: new properties SortResults, MaximumInputLength, SelectOnBlur and LoadMorePadding.
- Improved: disabled appearance

Updated: jqgrid plugin to 4.5.2 - Change log (
Export to xml, EXCEL_INDIVIDUAL_VERSION is now a variable Word with a new default value: $0500 (previously was $0200); (Thanks to beku).
New Provider: JQGridCellsProvider
New properties for Col.Formatter = gcfControl: FormatOptionsControl.CreateCellsOnRender: Boolean, defines if the cell controls are pre-rendered. ControlAlign: TAlign defines de control cell alignment.
New event: OnUpdateCellControl, to be used when Col.Formatter = gcfControl to update the cell controls after grid reload.
Changed parameters in method JQGridOptions.AddRowData, it wasn't working properly
Add method overload for JQGridOptions.SetLabel
New methods: JQGridOptions.HideColumnHeaders, JQGridOptions.ShowColumnHeaders and JQGridOptions.SetGridState
New event: OnSort to perform sorting with more performance and required for multisort.
New method: Grid.FindCellControl to find cloned control for the name ASourceName
Synchronization of GridState
Synchronization of Sorted columns
New property: JQDragAndDropOptions. Implementation of "Drag and Drop rows between grids" @

- Added: new methods "SetTheme" and "GetTheme"
- Optimizations & size reduction (~ 30%)
- Added: new property "DefaultThemes"

- Added: support for google+, pinterest and stumbleupon
- Added: new property "defaultEventsOnHover", when true will put fixed script in OnHover and OnHide events.
- Added: new properties "AppID" and "Warnings" to facebook options

- Added: support for text-align of submenu items

- By default the DatePicker will show a blank field.
- Added: property ButtonCss
- Since now, Date = 0, means Blank Date, if DataLink is set, and Date = 0, clears the DB Date instead of assigning Date = 0 on post.
- Added: new property "InputStyle"

JQEdit & JQTimePicker:
- Added: new property "InputStyle"

- Added: new property "MemoStyle"

- New events: OnSchedulerEventAdded, OnSchedulerEventUpdated, OnSchedulerEventDeleting
- Added: new properties "IntervalTime", "HourFormat" and "AllDaysMaxHeight".
- Changed: Location type to string - if you need add more Location's fields, use UserData property.

- Added: support for icon in tab header
- Added: support for imagelist

- Added: Properties "Disabled" and "Hint"
- Added: support for ActionList & ImageList
- Added: in design time, on dblClick at component shows item editor
- Renamed: property "Disabled" to "Enabled"
- Added: new method "UpdateHTML" in TIWCGPanelListItem. This methods will refresh html of item. Can be used in ajax after changes properties.
- Added: new method ScrollTo(AItem: TIWCGPanelListItem)
- Added: new properties "ScrollEffect" and "ListUseContainerSize"
- Added: new property "ListStyle"
- Published: property "HoverClass"

- Implemented Enabled property

- Improved/Fixed: appearance of nav buttons

JQColorPicker & JQMiniColors:
- Added: DblClick support

- Added: new property "ForControl"

- Added: new property "CGRenderIWBorders"
- Added: new property "CGAppearanceSettings"

- Added: support for html item caption

- Added: ContextMenu to button

- Added: new public property SelectedNode in UIPlugin
- Added: new property "UserAttributes" in TreeView node.
- Added: OnHoverNode event
- Added: new methods "CollapseAllNodes" and "ExpandAllNodes"

JQLabel, JQLabelEx, JQMemo, JQMemoEx, JQAutoComplete, JQComboBox, JQDatePicker, JQEdit, JQMiniColors, JQSpinEdit, JQTimePicker
- Added: HotKey property

- Added: property "IsValid"
- Improved/Added: Property "ErrorContainerControl" in ValidateOptions.

- Added: new property "Separator" in MarkupSet button
- Added: new property "PreviewInElement"

- Improved/Added: IWCGFrame wizard
- Added: new property CGScrollStyle to container, default value: cgsbsIWDefault

- Javascript Error Handler: controlled by the main thread var CGJSErrorHandler: Boolean = True; in unit IWCGJQCommon.
Web apps shouldn't have any javascript errors. By default, nobody can see them, only IE shows a icon at the bottom left.
Sometimes these errors are inoffensive and ignorable, but they also can lead to browser crash problems.
If you see a Dialog showing javascript errors, it's because CGJSErrorHandler = True.
The professional way to track them, is setting ServerController.JavaScriptDebug=True and CGJSErrorHandler=False, temporarilly, and debug in browser, replicate.
When the error is trigger, check the stack, to realize what is the source of the problem.
We also have in mind to implement a feature, that will allows to send the info to the server, generating an event.

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: visible property
- Fixed: render of ButtonOptions

- Wasn't Validating if the first Validation was False

- Fixed: AV when used vertical menu
- Fixed: vertical menu json

- Fixed: JQEvents of TreeView

- Fixed: merge of options in RenderAsync

- Fixed: appearance issue in j-themes

- Fixed: removed border in RenderAsync

- Fixed: removed border in RenderAsync

- Fixed: change hidden input value when select the option

- Fixed: z-index property to make selectmenu work with dialog
- Fixed: z-index of popup in dialogs

- Fixed: styles of freeOW (OSX & Simple)
- Fixed: Position "BottomRight" of notification

- Fixed: state of unchecked radio buttons in the group

- Fixed: incorrect itemindex

- Fixed: The memo did not respect properties MinHeight,MaxHeight, MinWidth and MaxWidth when resizing

- Fixed: Appearance issue in google chrome

- Fixed: repetition of classes in li style

- Fixed: 12-format

- re-worked & fixed issues

- For IW14 and SA, wasnt working, because of the new dispatcher in SA.

- Fixed: hint with space (" ") when Text is False and Label is "" (empty)

- Fixed: DefaultButton

- Gradients not working in IE10

- Fixed: refresh/reload the image from browser cache, when the image source is changed in runtime.

- Fixed: plugin destroy, wasn't unload css/js files
- Fixed: previewTemplatePath was wrong

* New Components:

- JQScheduler

- JQColorPicker and JQMiniColors

- Metro Themes:

jFace, jFlick, jMango, jMetro, jWin8

- Support for Delphi XE4

- Support for IW 14.0.10, IW 12.2.17 and IW 11.0.60

* New Features:

- JQSpinEdit
New properties: UpIconClass and DownIconClass.

- JQTimePicker
Updated: to V0.3.2

- JQAccordion
Added: ScrollBars property

- JQNavigator
Add property CustomButtons

- JQGrid
When CellEdit = True, for Columns with formatter CheckBox, clicking will automatically saves the cell
New Formatter: gcfFunction
Added: support for save grid size when resize. JQGridPersist

- JQContextMenu
Added: new property CustomIcon
Added: support for Ajax Events
Added: support for creation of items on demand (on mouse click)

- JQHTMLEditor
Added: property AutoPluginInit in JQHTMLEditorOptions
Added: procedure PluginInitialization
Added: function PluginInitJS

- JQLayout
Added: new property TriggerEventsOnLoad

- CGPanelList
Improved: Item click area
Added: property Cursor in item
Added: HeaderOptions

- JQTreeView:
Added: support for imagelist & pictures
Added: new method SetCheckBoxState
Added: new property CheckedItems

- JQMapQuery
Updated: OpenLayers version to 2.12
Updated: MapQuery version to 0.1DEV

- JQSignature
Added: ExportToImage function (Ticket #17)

- JQPlot:
Updated to 1.0.8 r1250 - important bugfix's

- JQMultiSelect
Updated: jquery plugin to V2.0 (patch's/fix's)

- JQThemeSwitcher
Added: new property SmallImages
Added: new property ScrollToSelected
Added: new property "SortBy" (Ticket #32)

- JQDownload
Updated: to new version v1.4.0

- JQTab:
property TIWCGJQTab.TabIndex is now writable, to allow changing the order of Tabs, yet is not supported in Async/Ajax, needs AjaxReRender

- JQFancyCaptcha
The event that checks Validated, can now be Async/Ajax

- JQComponent descendants (JQIndicator, JQFancyBox, etc...)
Added: support for AjaxReRender

* Bug Fixes:

- JQFancyCaptcha
Wasn't working with templates
Wasn't working in Demo.

- JQDatePicker
Fixed: DisabledDays

- JQGrid
CellValues wasn't passing to Column's OnGetImage and for OnUpdateControl events. Great improvement in these methods performance.
Fixed: JQGridOptions.SortName (initial sort order), wasn't rendered properly.
Not recognizing national characters after grid editing
Fixed: issue with languages, loading language that has already been loaded before.

- JQLayout
Added: new property TriggerEventsOnLoad
Fixed: layout when used panel with InitClosed property.

- JQComboBoxEx
Fixed: property enable on first start

- JQMenu
Fixed: Image click, now when you click on image, it will call onclick event of item.
IconPath default value 'Ico/' was generating render errors in menus subitems images

- JQDropDown
Fixed: InfiniteScroll was always setted to True, even DataSource is nil.

- JQMapQuery
Fixed: Popup window in googlemap layers (Ticket #13)
Removed: unnecessary caracter " in mqFeatureInfo widget

- JQThemeSwitcher
Fixed: Replacement of the default themes when added a custom theme(Ticket #23)
Added: protection for nonexistent html dom element

- CGPanelList
Fixed: sub-header appearance

- JQAccordion
Fixed: accordion tab size on resize
Fixed: render async borders
- Fixed: borders in accordion tab

- JQMultiSelect
Updated: jquery plugin to V2.0 (patch's/fix's)

- JQDatePicker
Fixed: Update the value on edit change (not using the pop-up)

- JQFileDownload
Fixed: cookie var
Fixed: download in submit

- JQDialog
Fixed: update the hidden input before executing user code
Browser Alignment of Aligned Controls, if JQDialogOptions.AutoOpen = False

- JQTreeView
Fixed: ItemByName method
Fixed: issue in SelectNode

JQLockIndicator, JQFancyBox:
were disabled in Designtime for Win64 platform

- Errors in IW14 demos.

- Core
Force refresh picture when changed in ajax
In IW10/IW11 was generating a javascript error if no cg control was dropped.
Fixed: Small bug in function DelphiToPHPDate.
Patch for 64 bits because of Delphi unfixed bug reported since May/2012:

* New Components:

- JQFileDownload:
Based in

- JQMarkItUp:
Based in

- JQCrop (With the invaluable colaboration of Mr. Michael Lurie - cgdevtools user)
Based in

- JQContextMenu:
Based in

- JQNavigator:
In colaboration with Mr. Zane Leo - cgdevtools user

- Support for W14.0.6

- Support for W12.2.15

* New Features:

- JQMultiSelect:
Translation to German Language. (Thanks to Mr. Jösef Muller - cgdevtools user)

- JQSignature:
Updated: to new version
* Added: property ReadOnly
* Added: method SetEnable(AEnable)
Added: support for mobile version

- JQMenu:
Added: new property Visible to menu item with ajax support.

- JQMultiSelect:
Added: new properties "ItemHeight", "MultiLine" & "Style"
* ItemHeight: height of multiselect item
* MultiLine: set to true, if you want use multiline in multiselect item. Note: Original select doesn't support html tags inside option.
* Style: you can add your additional style to multiselect item

- JQButton:
property ButtonCss suported in Ajax

- JQHTMLEditor:
Added: new methods "InsertText" & "InsertHTML" in JQHTMLEditorOptions.
Added: new method "ReplaceWidth" in JQHTMLEditorOptions.

- JQDropDown:
Added: new property PopupHeight

- JQButtonSet:
New Button property: Visible (not handled in ajax events)

- JQMaskOptions (Masked input plugin):
Updated: to new version 1.3.1
Added: new property Definitions

- JQValidateOptions (Validate plugin):
- Updated to new version 1.11.1
- Added new rule IBAN
- Added new properties: OnFocusOutFn, OnKeyupFn, OnClickFn, OnFocusIn & ValidateOnFocusOut

- Core:
Css property is now supported in ajax
From now on, in all cg events will send the ComponentName in AParams - AParams.Values['ComponentName'] and the instance: AParams.Objects[AParams.IndexOf('ComponentName')]

- DataLink:
Was not setting Field Values, after Insert/Edit and before Post.

* Bug Fixes:

- JQRadioButtonEx:
Fixed: default image path for root items

- JQGrid:
Fixed: Col.FormatOptionsCheckBox.HeaderChecked in ajax events

- JQMultiSelect:
Fixed: OnMultiSelectChange event, was executing before list change

- JSDropDown:
On render, sets SelectedIndex=0, if (SelectedIndex < 0) and (JQDropDownOptions.Placeholder = '') and (Items.Count > 0)
Wasn't selecting the item for the value
Visibility wasn't working in ajax

- JQSpinEdit:
Fixed: min & max properties
Fixed: appearance when used in template

- JQEdit:
Fixed: It wasn't changing the Css in ajax events.

- JQMemo and JQMemoEx:
DataLink wasnt working for Field DataTypes ftWideMemo and ftFmtMemo
JQMemo ZIndex wasnt rendering ok

- JQTabs:
Property Tab.Enabled was not working as a proxy to JQTabOptions.Enable/Disable
If one of tabs was not visible the controls wasn't perfectly rendered.

- RenderAsync:
Protection and Problem rendering an JQImage

- Core:
Search operations in JQGrid, JQDropDonw, JQAutoComplete, wasn't getting national characters

* New Components:

- JQWPaint: Based in

- JQMultiSelect: Based in

- JQTwitter: Based in

- JQFacebookWall: Based in

- JQSocialButtons: Based in

- JQGATracker: Based in

* New Features:

Added: property ForceCreateDOMElem (Force creating DOM Element, will be create with blank.gif image)

- JQThemeSwitcher
Update (js): best method of adding to page
Update: default value of property PreLoad (now is lspLoadTheme), with lspNone cause size issue in IWCGJQDialog when is recalculating content size.

- JQGrid
Update: Dialog Forms (Add/Del/View) will get the theme font style

- JQButton
Added: property Wrap: Boolean
Added: new property "ButtonCss" (applied to button)
Added: new property ConfimationMsg (identic to IWButton.Confirmation)

- JQPlot
Updated: v 1.0.6 r1138
Added: new property JQReDrawAfterResize - force redraw after browser resize

- JQLabelEx
Added: new properties "TextHorzAlign" & "TextVertAlign"

- JQTabs
Added: new properties "HeaderWidth" and "CaptionAlign" for each tab.

- CGPanelList
Added: support for multiline (html tag br) and any other HTML tags b, i, etc...
Added: new property OverrideItemHeight - This property will override the general property ItemHeight, default: -1 - no override

- JQRadioButtonEx
Updated: Support for groups trough new property Group: string

- Support for IW Version 12.2.14
- Support for Delphi 2007

* Bug Fixes:

- JQCheckBoxEx:
Checked wasnt being updated OnClick just on OnChange

- JQLockIndicator
Fixed: issue in IE8 with overlay.

- JQGrid:
Problem with DataSetProvider if specifing more than one Key with DataSetProvider.KeyFields and one of the key values is empty.
Fixed: IE8 loading ajax data for Formaters Image/Control/ShowLink

- JQSpinEdit:
Fixed: MouseWheel event (Up/Down detecting)
Fixed: IW javascript error's
Fixed: property Visible in Async
Fixed: Position of buttons in a dialog

- JQMemoEx
Fixed: Borders calculation in runtime

- JQDialog
Fixed: Child components align when is not AutoOpen

- JQTabs:
Fixed: Charset in Ajax Load in IW12

- JQPlot
Fixed: resize issue
Fixed: Resizing when Align = alCustom
Fixed: missed semicolon in javscript

- JQDatePicker:
Fixed: Bug when using Date formats with Long/Short Day/Month Names

- JQDropDown:
Fixed: If a PlaceHolder was set, and Items.Count > 0 and SelectedIndex < 0, was setting SelectedIndex:= 0, for no reason

- Image Handling
Fixed: Problem with images and Apache
Fixed: Error in Delphi 7
Fixed: Design Time change of Picture

* New Components:

- JQSignature

Based in


* New Features:

- Support for XE3 using Intraweb version IW

- JQMemoEx:
Added: JQValidateOptions
Added: ClearLines & UpdateMemoEx methods
Updated: to new version 1.0

- JQLabelEx:
Added: property TextEx for longer text.

- JQDropDown:
Added new property to DataLink: ListLookupResultFieldName, that is the Field to return from ListDataSource.Lookup

- TIWCGPicture:
New property: CacheName to define a specific name, in the case of Picture Graphic is assigned.

- JQCheckBox and JQCheckBoxEx
Added properties FalseValue and TrueValue: string to DataLink

- JQMenu
Added Hint property to Menu Items

- JQEvents published in JQAccordion, JQGrid, JQHTMLEditor, JQTabs, JQTreeView

Added: GoogleAPI property

- Improved: DesignTime appearance in several components


* Bug Fixes:

- JQFileUpload:
Fixed: "cancelButtonText" and "failUploadText" were not applied.

- JQDropDown:
Major revision and Bug fixes, it was showing the Values instead of Captions
Wasnt working properly when setting non matching values with Items

- JQGrid
Formatter gcfControl was forcing an incorrect Cell Height
SetRowData had a wrong js.

- JQGridDataSetProvider and JQGridCollectionProvider
Export to Excel was missing the first Record.

- JQRadionButtonEx:
Bug calling the events.

- CGPanelList
- Fixes: Wasnt showing the image, when used ImageIndex

- Core:
In IW10 and IW11 was generating an AV if WebApplication.Terminate was called
Fixed: covert color function
Problem with ajax events in Delphi 7
Memory Leak Round

* New Components:

- Based in

- Based in

* New Features:

- Added: new column formatter "StaticImage"
- Added: new functionality when Grid has CellEdit = true, when the column type is checkbox, onclick, will change the cellvalue value.
- New column Formatter: Control

- Added: new property "DataLink" for Data awareness
- New Property - Alignment

- Added: support for changing icons by ("option","icons",[])

- Support for dynamically creating

- Support for dynamically creating

- Added: new property "DisabledDays"
- Added: support for JQMask & JQWatermark
- Added: new property "ReadOnly"

- Added: new property "ReadOnly"

- Added: new property "CGRenderAsyncSize"
- Published properties "JQDragOptions" and "JQDropOptions"

- Added: new property JQLayoutOptions
- Added: new property StateManagementOptions
- Added: size check (MinSize/MaxSize)

- Added: PositionOptions
- General Improvements + Possibility to assign a single Indicator to an CG Event.

- Added: new property "Enabled"

- Added: property "ReadOnly"

- Added: property "ReadOnly"

- Support for anonymous methods in Delphi 2009/2010.

- Javascript loading, wasn't working property in IW10-11

- Huge memory saving. Options classes (TIWCGJSon descendants) have now only instance per class.
- Minified js/css files
- Added: CGDevToolsVersion to js/css files, to now require refresh browser caching
- Added: JQEvents in some components. Note: Some events cannot be applied.
- Add new property: DataLink.StateChangeOperation to change Control Enabled / ReadOnly / not Change

* Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Issue in IE, was returned ??reversed value

- Fixed: Display images, when used jqGrid Groups
- Bug in javascript (a var missing) if loading images for more than one grid.

- Fixed: scrollbars when called async method

- Fixed: When is "modal", overlay was increasing scrollwidth and scrollheight of document

- Fixed: method Show

- Fixed: setText in ajax

- Problems in Delphi 7.
- Fixed: JQSortableOptions - default value of "disabled" property

* New Components:

- It's not a component, but a technique that allows to add / replace / destroy a region or cg control, inside async events.

- For Ajax/Async or Submit Events
- Lock / Indication per event is still on roadmap.

- With minimize, restore and maximize

* New Features:

RenderAsync / Local Updates
- Huge improvement: Load only the necessary javascript files. Expanded Browser Destroy javascript for more controls.
- Not reloading css links
- Release for IWCL
- Remove the hidden input tags
- if ServerController.JavascriptDebug = False (default), catch RenderAsync javascript exception to force full submit.

- Updated Demo to use RenderAsync

- Improved PanelItems appearance
- Added: new properties "SubHeader" and "SubHeaderCss"
- Added: support for images
- Added: new property ItemHeight
- Added: new property PaddingLeft in PanelItem

- New property SelectedItem

- Added: new property Closable
- Added: property "ShowCloseIcon"
- Added: procedure CloseIcon(AShow: boolean)
- Added: new properties "TitleAlign", "TitleIcon" and "TitlePaddingLeft"
- Added: new properties "ShowHorzScrollBar" & "ShowVertScrollBar"

- When property "Width" is numeric, then value will be applied to popup.

- Internal Handling Tab Remove, deletes the removed tab in server. Replaced event JQTabOptions.OnRemoved with JQTabOptions.OnTabClose, and changed the order to call the event
- Added more javascript on Destroy in ajax, if has closable Tabs

- Save and Load state

- Added: new property "UseUIHeight", default value: True. If true, will use jQuery UI Theme height.

- Code for browser destroy in ajax events.

- Formatter gcfImage, support for ImageList
- Formatter gcfCheckBox - Added argument checked to event OnHeaderCheckClick
- While the images arent loaded instead of empty src, uses css/blank.gif

- Before, images providing by DataSet, was only provided for Field.DataType = ftGraphic. Now if GridCol.Formatter = cgcfImage and Field.DataType = ftBlob, gets the stream as is,
to be rendered as an img tag.

- Added: JQTreeViewCGThemeSettings
- Added: new property AutoWidth

- Added: support for RenderAsync
- Added: new property GoogleAPIUrl

- Added: new property "AutoHeight" to QMapQuerymqFeatureInfo & JQMapQuerymqPopup

- Added: Internal CheckLink

- A CG Ajax Event, can be turned into a submit event calling FullSubmit, fi, Button1.JQButtonOptions.OnClick.FullSubmit;
- TIWColor property editors
- Possibility to not Render at design-time at all, or not Render on form load and do it on demand hitting right click button and Refresh or RefreshAll

* Bug Fixes:

- If Mask, Watermak, Format, etc... options were selected together, the script wasnt acumulating
- Fixed: conflicts between watermark and mask, when both are used.

- Increased Zindex in css file

- Not updating browser values when using templates.
- Added: new property "DraggableByContent", If set to true, the dialog will be draggable will be draggable by the content. (Note: Property "Draggable" must be false.)

- Getting an SQL from Search Params in operation sopGreaterEqual.
- Search Date Value are now enclosed in quotes if type is string

- Initial SelectedIndex will be 0 if has PlaceHolder and items.
- If PlaceHolder and cleared SelectedIndex wasnt being Update
- Shadow bug in IE, when filtring

- Fixed: Button property
- Fixed: Height

- Not turned Enabled after a submit

- Datalink wasnt setting the value for a string field

- If left alone in IWForm without grid has raising initialization errors.

- Fixed: SubItems font style
- Fixed: font-style of root items (1st level)
- Fixed: default image path (blank.gif)
- Fixed: Bug displaying menu in chrome

- Fixed: Loading css issue in IE8

- Fixed: SetTheme function

- Fixed: appearance, when used as splitbutton in IE8 and in some themes.

- Fixed: Label align
- Fixed: when used internal FancyBox

- Bug Fix: Only for newest version Intraweb

If using Intraweb IW12.2.2.1 compiled in release mode, like is deployed, CG was causing an javascript error on resize code in IWCL.js.

- New features:

If IWCG controls are destroyed in ajax, they will be also destroyed in browser. Applied to RenderRegionAsync / Partial Update / WICGControls.AjaxReRender

New Features:

- Support for Intraweb version IW 12.2.12

- Added IWCGJQMessageDlg to Demo Source Code

- New column property SQLFieldName: string, to be used in search, for subquery fields like select FieldA, (select X from Table1) as FieldB

- IWCGHttpApp source code for C++ Builder (beta)

- Improved: appearance in design time

Bug Fixes:

- Error in uploads in FF and Chrome after update to last plugin version

- Fixed: element z-index

- Memory leak in Col.OnGetImage

- Bad commit for Breaking change in OnSearchSQL

Bug Fixes:

- Breaking change: if OnSearchSQL wasnt working since release .1321 November, 8th
- Bug when editing/adding Date values

- Fixed default values for Columns SearchOptions.Opt
- Changed JQGridNav.FormOptions.SearchOptions.Opt type to set

- IWCGMessageDlg improvements

New Components:

- New IWCGJQMessageDlg unit methods like unit Dialog : IWCGMessageDlg. Supports anonymous methods for RadStudio >= XE.

New Features:

- Huge improvement in memory saving and eficiency of plugin options wrapper properties

- new property JQPopupBox to popup any IWControl including Regions

Added: new property ShowUploadedFileList

RenderRegionAsync / AjaxReRender:
- Possibility of using inside the rerendered control or children events
- Added ShowBusy: Boolean parameter

- Increased paging input to 40px

- New method for paging much more faster
- New property: GotoMethod to control the paging method

- Added Tag property

- DB aware and DB Popup capabilities through class property DataLink

- DB aware and DB Popup capabilities through class property DataLink

Bug Fixes:

RenderRegionAsync / AjaxReRender:
- Wasnt updating browser values to server

- Was raising an AV if no buttons added on form load

- AutoRowNum wasnt working properly

- Fixed LoadHidden property declaration for C++ in classes TIWCGJQTabs, TIWCGJQAccordion and TIWCGJQLabelEx

- Fixed the appearance of container
- Default css value

- When using MenuMenu was not assign OnClick just the Action / .OnExecute

New Components:

- TIWCGJQMemo: Implements TIWMemo with theme styles.

- TIWCGJQMemoEx (based in

- TIWCGJQDropDown (based in

New Features:

- TIWCGPanelList
Improvement in mouse hover.

If parameters AUrl and APicture in event TIWCGGridCol.OnGetImage are not specified img tag is not rendered
New property PagerVisible: Boolean, to hide Pager if False.
Browser Resize in Align or Anchors akRight,akBottom defined
If using a dataset provider and the provider is refreshed in ajax events, it automatically refreshes the grid
New read-only property CellValues returns the last provided cell values to the grid
Proxy Provider Events like OnProviderSearchSQL, etc...
New events in provider: OnGetValue to get custom values from dataset fields to grid cells, and OnSetValue to set custom fields values, from grid edit inputs.
New event OnGetAutoCompleteDataEx, to work with TStrings param instead of json ISuperObject
New property: JQGridOptions.AutoRowNum: Boolean. If true, the RowNum is automatically set for the available Grid Height.
New property RowCount: Integer, return the current loaded rows
New Property RowId[const ARow: Integer]: string, returns the RowId for a Row index for the current loaded data
New method: GetRowIds, to retrieve all RowIds for the current loaded data
New method: GetColValues returns an array of Variants for a Column Index

- TIWCGJQButtonSet:
Support for custom images, imagelists and Actions

Browser Resize
Buttons.Disabled change in ajax events

New property: Splitter: Boolean

- TIWCGJQThemeSwitcher
Increased Performance . New property Preload: TIWCGJQThemeSwitcherPreload. If default lspNone, allows global theming.
Now calls OnSelect when the theme is loaded to store in UserSession property fi, and apply in other forms that don't have ThemeSwitcher using StyleSheet.FileName (StyleSheet.URL doesn't works)

Paging support, through new class property
Browser Resize in non Active Tabs
New event OnRemoved, trigger for Tabs with CloseIcon=True

- TIWCGJQAccordion
Browser Resize in non Active Tabs

- TIWCGJQAutoComplete:
New event OnGetAutoCompleteDataEx, to work with TStrings param instead of json ISuperObject

Possibility to use Mask and Watermark together, using Active property

- TIWCGJQExtension
Possibility to use Mask and Watermark together, using Active property

- DB Awareness, through property DataLink in classes

- Possibility to change images in ajax events

- New property LoadHidden: Boolean for all components, if true, doesn't display until applies Themes Style

- Resize optimization.
Doesn't get called on every resize but with intervals of 100 ms, using

- Removed License Log

- Improvement in CGDevTools Menu Sync wwwroot

Bug Fixes:

- TIWCGJQDatePicker
Setting Disabled in ajax events wasnt working

- TIWCGJQTimePicker
Wasn't settting Enabled on render.

Enabled wasn't working
If WatermarkOptions.Enabled = True, Text returns '' if equals to WatermarkOptions.Text

JQGridPersist not working if ServerController.JavascriptDebug = False (default), missing ';'
property RowNum wasnt always being stored for subsequent submits and if JQGridPersist.True

- TIWCGJQAccordion
Fix in horizontal Tabs

If RefreshItem was called and Enabled=False, the control as Enabled in browser.

Fixed AutoImageSize

AjaxLoad wasn't working properly - breaking change
Bad javascript in OnRemove event

Error if render through RenderRegionAsync

- CGDevTools menu wwwroot sync was copying imgcache and userimgcache folders

- Improvements in Demo

* New Components:

- TIWCGJQRadioButtonEx
- TIWCGJQRadioGroupEx

* New Features:

- Support for IW 12.2.11

- Compatibility of TabOrder with native IW Controls

- TIWCGPicture
- Possibility to change images in ajax events

- IWCGPanelList
- Added property "CaptionCss"

- IWCGJQTimePicker
- new property: Caption

- TIWJQComboBoxEx
- Updated to 1.3.0Pre (compatibility with jQuery 1.8)
- Added Methods: "AddOption", "RemoveOptionByValue", "RemoveALLOptions", "AddGroup", "RemoveGroup", "AddGroupOption",
"RemoveGroupOptionByValue" & "RemoveALLGroups"
- Added: ImageList,jQuery Icons & Custom icons support
- Added Methods: "Open" & "Close"
- Added new method JQComboBoxExOptions.RefreshItems
- if the event OnSelect is assigned, updates SelectedIndex

- Added TIWCGGridCol.SQLPrefix property to be used in Grid's Search, for SQL queries that requires full names like Customers.Name
- new property JQGridOptions.SelRows: array of string, to check selected row ids, when JQGridOptions.Multiselect = True.
- Possibility to add a checkbox to header if Formatter = gcgCheckBox
- property JQGridProvider.TowRowId: string to get the top row id

- property CookieOptions changed to TIWCGJQCookieOptions class

- property "Cookie" changed to TIWCGJQCookieOptions class

- TWCGJQThemeSwitcher
- Added: new properties "CookieExpires", "CookiePath" & "PluginVersion"
- Removed: internal jquery.cookie plugin from jquery.ui.themeswitcher.js (now using jquery.cookie.js)

- TIWCGJQTooltip
- Updated to 3.0
- Added Methods: "SetBubblePopupOptions" & "SetBubblePopupInnerHtml"

- TIWCGJQNotification
- Added js response on ajax, for options properties Text and Type_

- Dialog Buttons, with support for Custom Images, ImageLists and Actions

- TIWCGJQExtensions
- Controls can be other than TIWCustomControl

- OutputControl can be other than TIWCustomControl

- Support for resize

* Bug Fixes:

- SetFocus calls InnerEdit.SetFocus;
- if FormatOptions was Enabled, Mask and Watermark options weren't working

- TIWCGPanelList
- Fixed Design Time rendering

- TIWCGJQTimePicker
- Setter Ajax Response and Update Value
- Fixed DefaultTime

- Missed loading jquery.cookie.js plugin, when cookie plugin is active

- TWCGJQDatePicker
- Wasn't updating the value in server if Options.DisplayInline = True
- Fixed DefaultDate

- Fixed bug in css
- Force update, when alClient

- New javascript response when Column.Hidden is changed in ajax events.
- Fixed Height when JQGridToolbarSearch.Active = True

- SubItems images

- Mem Leaks periodic check

* New Component

- jqTimePicker - based in

* New Features

- JQValidateOptions & JQPositionOptions for all IWCGJQControls

- JqFileUpload
- Updated to plugin version 2.0
- Added new Message property "NoFilesError"
- Added new Classes properties: "DropDisabled", "ProgressBar", "Finished", "SuccessIcon" and "FailIcon"
- Added Methods: "SetParams", "UploadStoredFiles", "ClearStoredFiles" and "jsGetInProgress"
- Added new Options properties: "PluginVersion", "CustomHeaders", "DisableCancelForFormUploads", "AutoUpload"
"OnError", "DragText", "UploadButtonText", "CancelButtonText", "FailUploadText" and "MultipleFileDropNotAllowedMessage"
- Fixed Design Time: When Template is default, show styled button
- Updated: default "fileTemplate" and "template"
- Optimization: default values in classes

- jqNotification:
Updated to new version 2.0.3
Added Property: "NotyVersion"
Added Method: "SetText", "SetType" and "SetTimeOut"

- jqGrid:
New method: JQGrid.LocateSelectedRowId to Locate the provider by selected row id

- jqGridDataSetProvider:

Added properties:
KeyFields: string - Comma separated FieldName values to establish the Server ID
IDDelimiter default ',' - Set to other character if you can have ',' in your KeyFields Values
These props will be applied when no column is set with the Key Flag, should be the preferential method, and it's the only option for dataset with more than on key field.

- jqHTMLEditor:
New method: JQHTMLEditorOptions.Save
New event JQHTMLEditorOptions.OnSave when the editor is about to Saved
New property TIWCGJQHTMLEditor.SendContentInAjax: Boolean {default True}, to allow send the Content on each Ajax Event

- JQComboBoxEx - Improvements

* Bug Fixes

- JQRegion was not aligning correctly in certain circunmstances
- DialogButtons.Focused couldnt be set to False
- Only one Grid Column can have Key = True
- jQrid: Form insertion/edition of boolean values accepting default check values (Yes/Off)
- jqTabs: Fixed problem of have regions aligned in Tabs - Removed OnTabChanged / OnTabChanging events
- jqHTMLEditor: Fixed javascript generation for setting Content in ajax events when Content contains double quotes (")

* New Component

- TIWCGJQLayout, based in

* New Features

- jQuery updated to 1.8.2 and jQuery UI to 1.8.23 for all IW versions. Please make sure to sync wwwroot for existent projects.

- New method AjaxReRender for all jqControls.
Sometimes it's just not possible to change the browser control associated to an IWControl, because the javascript required doesnt exists or doesn't works. Even using jQuery plugins, there are many options that we cannot change with script in browser, because the plugin doesnt support it and in some plugins, simply because don't have any client api method to perform it.
So from now, will be possible to re render a single Control in ajax (async) requests and replace the html/script in the current page, only for that Control, avoiding a Full Submit.
For non IWCGJQ(M) controls, like IW native or TMS's, the method RenderRegionAsync(IWAnyControl,False); in unit IWCGAsyncRender could be used instead.

- New property on every CGEvent: SendAllArguments: Boolean default False, to automatically send all browser script function arguments to onevent AParams: TStringList parameter.

- ImageList and Action Support for Menu and Items

- SetFocus for all jq controls

- New property LinearGradient: TIWCGJQLinearGradient in TIWCGJQRegion

- property UserData: Pointer added to TCGIndexedCollectionItem, base of many classes like TreeView and Menu Items, Grid Columns, Dialog Buttons, etc etc...

- New property FormatOptions to limit the keyboard to decimals,integer,email,phonenumber (needs wwwroot resync)

- jqGrid:

- Updated for jqGrid 4.4.1
- Added ARestoreRows parameter to JQGridOptions.RestoreRow, to be able to cancel an edit when column formatter is gcfActions
- Col.FormatOptionsActions - TIWCGJQGridColFormatOptionsActions, added property EditOptions and DelOptions. Changed property OnUrl to Url
- Added Col.FormatOptionsImage.OnClick.
- Added JQGridOptions.SelectTopRowOnLoad, to autoselect the top row on every grid refresh.
- if JQGridOptions.TopPager=True and JQGridNav.CloneToTop=True, also clones the custom buttons
- Added jqDialog.ActiveControl property and JQDialogDialog.Buttons[i].Focused property

Bug Fixes:

- Bug in GridProvider Edit/Delete when RowIds had spaces (StrictDelimiter wasnt True)
- wrong TIWCGJQTreeViewItem OnClick event id
- jqDatePicker.DateFormat fixes. This must be a Delphi format, that is translated to jquery date format.
- Tooltip av, when Visible = False
- DatePicker date was not set after fullsubmit
- Unwanted Scrolls in tabs and accordion tabs if filled with aligned regions
- DatePicker: When Regional property was set, other user properties was being ignored.
- jqMenu OnClick script incorrectly set.
- ThemeSwitcher wasnt rendering the LoadTheme css tag
- if JQDialogOptions.Close and Open is called, sets Visible property


* New Components:

- JQNotification (implements plugins and

- JQComboBoxEx (

* New Features:

- JQGrid: Added new client API methods : ShowAddDialog, ShowEditDialog, ShowDeleteDialog and ShowSearchDialog to class TIWCGJQGridNav (IWCGJQGrid1.JQGridNav property)

- JQGrid: in design-time, for and providername properties, if provider is type dataset, sets Editable, Hidden and Caption properties, checking dataset's FieldDefs or Fields if dataset is open.

- JQMenu: OnClick is now TIWCGFunc, action driven (imagelist support) and works with Menus TMenuItems.

- JQTreeView: added new client API methods: Refresh, Lock, Unlock, ExpandNode, CollapseNode, CreateNode, Rename, Delete and Move to class TIWCGJQTreeViewCore (property IWCGJQTreeView1.

- Support for Intraweb 12.2.9

* Bug Fixes:

- JQGrid: Invalid Type Cast Error, in Grid AutoComplete and DatePicker

- JQGrid: Replaced argument 'id' by 'rowid' in JQGridOptions.OnSubGridBeforeExpand event

- JQGrid: Missing javascript Result:= 'return true;' if JQGridOptions.OnBeforeSelectRow was activated (by Script or OnEvent properties).

- JQDatePicker, missing a ';' in addcss script.


* New Component Preview: TIWCGJQPlanner

For now it's only read-only, we would like very much to hear your suggestions to implement.

(To test it, please don't forget to sync wwwroot folder in CGDevTools in Delphi/C++ IDE)

* New Features:

- TIWCGJQAjaxCookie class to generate client jQuery cookie script

- TIWCGJQGrid as its own Provider, there's no need to assign a Provider component from now on, only as an option and for compatbility reasons.

- New TIWCGJQGrid property: JQGridPersist, to save user changed data, like columns position, width, visiblility and JQGridOptions.RowNum (if property JQGridOptions.RowList is set). For now the only persistency support available is cookies. To use this new feature please sync wwwroot folder in existing projects.

- if TIWCGJQUpload.JQUploadOptions.UploadPath contains ':' or '\\' a direct path is used instead of a relative folder in wwwroot folder.

- in TIWCGJQGridColFormatOptionsLinkClick Formatter, new property: SelectRow: Boolean, If True, selects the row on link click (default False)

- New TIWCGJQGridOptions Client API methods: ExpandSubGridRow, CollapseSubGridRow and ToggleSubGridRow

- New TIWCGJQGridOptions events OnSubGridRowCollapsed, OnSubGridBeforeExpand

* Bug Fixes:

- TIWCGUploadParser.GetFiles abstract method wasn't beeing overrided
- Support for Opera in IW12 Demo
- Export Grid by url wasnt working in IW12
- JQGridOptions.SelRow wasnt upload to server if CellEdit = True (If set doesn't call OnSelectRow).


  • New Features:
  • TIWCGJQButton is now Action driven, changing action properties changes button, including imageindex
  • Designtime DBFieldNameProperty when jqGrid as DataSetProvider
  • standalone var IWCGJQControlCss: string; to set default web app class, default 'ui-widget-content ui-corner-all'
  • Bug Fixes:
  • ASP.NET License Server problem registering problem for some keys
  • CgDevToolsLic was complaining about CGSPLASH resource
  • RenderAsyncRegion wasnt working in released versions, because of one Assert


  • Grid event OnSubGridRowExpanded and method RenderExpandRegionAsync to implement Grid as SubGrid and other functionalities on Grid Expand
  • Support for IW version 12.2.8
  • Support for Delphi 2009


  • jqGrid - Missing semicolon in javascript ajax response, to property changes of TIWCGJQGrid.JQGridOptions and TIWCGJQColumn, only when ServerController.Javascript = False (default)


  • IWCGLicenseKey.pas / .h, was malformed in rare situations.
  • Wrong javascript generation for TIWCGJQGrid.JQGridOptions property change in ajax event response (missing '.jqGrid')
  • property HTMLEditor.JQHTMLEditorOptions.Content wasn't generating the necessary javascript in ajax event response. For now, Content it's updated only on submit, and if the user press save


    • New Component: TIWCGJQMapQuery - Map Support for OpenLayers


    • New javascript/jQuery generation method (plugin's Client API setter method(s)), for each options properties change in ajax events.
    • Also In ajax events, automatic uploading of the properties that can be changed by user, like autocomplete text, tabindex for tabs, grid col widths/position/hidden, selrow (JQGridOptions.SelRow), etc.
    • Published property Enabled for most Controls
    • In FancyBox - Support for multi controls (frames) and method Show(AIndex: Integer = -1), to display for a given item's index.
    • In GridDataSetProvider, if working with Dataset.RecNo, when no column has prop Key=true.

jqGrid - more functionalities:

    • - For formatter gcfShowLink, if BaseLinkUrl is empty, calls OnGetLink if assigned to get a link for each cell.
    • - New and alternative method for loading Images on Load Complete, Asynchronously, when the column's Formatter property is gcfImage.
    • - New formatter - gcfLinkClick
    • - new Column property - Position, to store the display order index on the Grid, if the user can change it, ie, Options.Sortable = True
    • - Cols properties: Position Width and Hidden, are now saved on submit and ajax events. Note: If Options.shrinkToFit = True (default), the Width is changed internally in the plugin's code.
    • - Add JQColumnChooserOptions and methods to Invoke Chooser: Grid1.JQGridOptions.ColumnChooser or Grid1.JQGridColumnChooser.Trigger

Bug Fixes:

  • Problem in destroy of TIWCGJQComp descendants: TIWCGJQCustomExtension, TIWCGJQCustomFancyBox and TIWCGJQCustomSlimBox
  • Disabling Tabs were not Disabling the Tabs header
  • AutoSize wasnt working properly in JQLabel.
  • Design-time improvements, errors in design-time rendering were turning controls unselectable in some rare situations at least since previous released.
  • In Grid Provider was showing 200 OK in Edit / Add / Delete Dialog's, after a successful operation.


  • Ajax Event mapping Now uses map Request/Response, instead of Session.Request/Response.
  • Uploadind pdf files was raising a convert error because of UTF8ContentParser.
  • Null Fields were incorrectly sent by GridDataSetProvider and exported to XLS
  • Sometimes the controls went Blank and unselectable in designtime after Debugging, same GServerCotroller was assigned.
  • TIWCGPicture: In imgcache now creates subfolders instead of add owner names to filename auto files with long names
  • Removed some out parameters in Delphi Code, because in CBuilder doesnt work, this is causing problems in CBuilder OnGetImages
  • Added JQGridOptions.OnSubGridRowExpanded to Implement on Expand Grid - Grid on Grid for instance
  • Bug in DataSet Graphics blobs, if DataSetProvider was using DataSource and not DataSet directly


  • Designtime Menu for synchronizing wwwroot
  • Work around to a bug IW 10 and 11 with ISAPI and PreScriptFiles
  • Support for Delphi 7 - preparation for non Unicode Versions 2005, 2006 and 2007
  • Fix for IE and other browser older versions that not support JSON object
  • Possiblity to work with non minized generated javascript and files, using ServerControl.JavascriptDebug (Global var CGScriptDebug for IW10)
  • Bug fix in IWCGLicenseKey.pas and .h file in some situations
  • Fixed javascript errors when joining Desktop with Mobile controls
  • Fancy Captcha included in Demo
  • Sortable and Selectable Icons
  • Removed unecessary files from wwwroot image
  • Tabs was not hidding if Visible was set to false
  • Default css to JQEdit, JQComboBox, JQAutoComplete and JQCheckBox is now jQuery theme based
  • Overcome Delphi's ISAPI 48K limitation needed in JQUpload. Although doesnt work with IE
  • Datepicker was raising conversion errors on submit if the date was not specified or badly formatted
  • Grid DataSet Provider wasn't setting blank field values
  • Session lookup timeout in url maps was increased to 60 seconds


  • New component: FancyCaptcha
  • Bug fix in Dialog: ZIndex and Positioning
  • Bug fix in Accordion for Intraweb 10
  • Optimization in Demos for Intraweb 10
  • Support for Intraweb 12.2.6
  • Support for Intraweb X (10.1.1)


  • Bug fix changing column properties on ajax events
  • Bug in TIWCGJQButton rendering Images when Url was specified
  • New property in TIWCGJQButton: PrimaryPictureInTextSpan to render PrimaryImage outside span
  • Fixes and help for GMap
  • Added Gmap to demo
  • Added Grid methods GroupingToogle, GroupingGroupBy and GroupingRemove to allow dynamic grouping
  • Removed format check in DatePicker AltFormat
  • Fixed a bug in RegisterKey in C++
  • Javascript is now NOT rendered onLoad
  • Fix: sending BrowserParams[].BrowserScript to server wasnt url encoding


  • Included IWCGjQuery Mobile suite
  • New Component : GMap
  • Grid Column new property : ProviderName, to optionally map a FieldName to an existing Column Name
  • Bug fix in Button, wasnt rendering PrimaryPicture and SecondaryPicture if only url was specified
  • Bug fixes in IIS css rendering in some components


  • License Fixes
  • Buttons not shown in Grid if JQGridNav wasn't used in runtime
  • More grid documentation
  • Bug in adding records with own Add Dialog
  • Support for Images in Grid, custom or DataSet - ftGraphic
  • Fixed bug in Tabs Size
  • Support for IW version 12.2.5


  • Added more documentation
  • Slider - store value on Submit
  • HTMLEditor - Client API and store Saved Content on Submit
  • Bug fix in JSon property Editor
  • Bug fix in jqgrid javascript file


  • Bug fix in jqGrid

V1.0.0.561 - First Public Release

  • License or 30 day trial limited to 2 user sessions
  • Improvements in DesignTime
  • Replaced Embedded Web Browser for DesigntTime HTML Render
  • Client API Methods Implementation
  • Client API Methods can now be called either in Ajax or Submit Events
  • Major refactoring on TIWCGJQButtons. Is now TIWCGJQButtonSet
  • TIWCGJQCheckBox css default classed changed to 'ui-widget-content'
  • TIWCGJQRegion default ZIndex changed to 0
  • Replacement of property UrlFields with BrowserParams in TIWCGFunc, with the possibility of setting if browser sends JSon
  • Added support for jqGrid version 4.3
  • Added new jqGrid Events OnGetEditSelectData and OnGetSearchSelectData
  • Added possiblity of not clearing the Destination Region in RenderRegionAsync
  • Added Possibility of changing the Font in all components
  • Added Background in TIWCGJQRegion and TIWCGJQDialog
  • Added documentation insight and chm on instalation folder (still under construction)
  • Added Link to Plugin Documentation in DesignTime
  • Bug fix in TIWCGJQDatePicker if created in RunTime on an Ajax event
  • Bug fix in jqGrid Client API Methods
  • Bug fix in GridProvider after Edit and Add, was changing Provider's Name
  • Bug fix in Tabs. ClipRegion is now True by default for each Tab


  • Added default event on double click
  • Added support for drop components inside JQComps
  • Added DesignTime auto refresh
  • Added Date Picker date property
  • Added edit submit
  • Bug fix FileUpload in IE


  • Added support for Intraweb 12.2.4 version
  • Bug fix in Intraweb 10


  • Added support for Intraweb 10.0.23 and 12.2.3 version
  • Bug fix in Intraweb 11 for XE setup


  • C++ Builder compatibility fix
  • Many small bug fixes for ISAPI


  • First beta release working for Intraweb XI and XII