IWCGjQuery Suite

  • JQWeather

  • JQSpreadsheet

  • IWCGJsPlumb

  • IWCGJQStickyPanel

  • IWCGJQLabelMarquee

  • IWCGJQRating

  • IWCGJQSQLBuilder

  • JQToggleButton

  • JQPivot

    JQPivot - component to turn a data into a summary table and then optionally add a true 2-d drag'n'drop UI to allow a user to manipulate this summary table, turning it into a pivot table, very similar to the one found in older versions of Microsoft Excel with a bunch of extra developer-oriented features andRead more about JQPivot[...]

  • JQVertMenu

    JQVertMenu is a beautiful vertical multi-level slide navigation, with ability to preserve expanded submenus between sessions by using cookies and optionally act as an accordion menu. Key features: - Themeroller support - Cookie support - Animations Online Demo

  • IWCGJQCarousel

    IWCGJQCarousel is a beautiful responsive carousel slider. Key features: - Touch Events - Mouse Slide Events - Choose the number of items to be displayed - Multiple Sliders - CSS3 3d Transitions - Custimizable controls - Custom events - Helpful callbacks - Cross-browser support Online Demo

  • IWCGJQDynaTree

    IWCGJQDynaTree is a dynamic tree view component with support for lazy Key features: - Support for lazy loading and Ajax - Checkboxes and hierarchical selection - Supports drag and drop - Easy to use - Skin's Online Demo