IWCGjQuery Suite

  • Buttons

    Button enhances standard form elements like button, input of type submit or reset or anchors to themable buttons with appropiate mouseover and active styles. Key features: - jQuery ui theme-roller support - Personalization with icons - Text alignment - Support for ButtonsSet (Radios,Checkboxes) Online demo

  • Tree View

    Cross browser tree component with Drag and Drop, keyboard, animations etc Key features: - Support for internal themes - Animations - Keyboard support (for example rename folder on F2) - Sortable - Add/Rename/Remove nodes Asynchronously - Drag and Drop - Checkbox plugin support Online demo

  • Tooltip

    This is a component to display smart, animated & shadowed, “bubble” popups or tooltips with few lines of code. Key features: - Support for internal themes - Animations - Same tooltip for different controls option - Auto tooltip with control hint - Different positions - Full personalized (images,other controls inside tooltip...) Online demo