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Premium Support
Premium Support
Subscripion for 1 ticket/credit

Premium Support
Subscripion for 10 tickets/credits

Premium Support
Subscripion for 50 tickets/credits


Premium Support Terms and Conditions

Premium Support is an upgrade to the Basic Support (Free) that accompanying all our products.

This service, Premium Support, aims to provide not only a faster response but also ensure priority in resolving support requests.

The Premium Support may be purchased separately from our components through the acquisition of support units. Ordinarily each request (Ticket) will cost one unit, however depending on the complexity of the resolution of the ticket may be assigned more than one unit. The cost associated with the ticket only will be deducted upon approval of the client that requested support.

Procedure for use of Premium Support:

  1. Send an email with your request to the address
    • You must use the email address you registered in;
    • On the subject of the email you must put your username.
  2. After receiving the email, the support team will analyze it giving rise to the creation of the tickets with their associated costs. The Customer will be notified by email whenever a ticket is created.
  3. The created tickets will be available for approval by the client in the My Account area, where they await the acceptance or cancellation of the resolution of the ticket. All inquiries, comments and messages to be undertaken by both parties will be made ​​from the client area.
  4. After acceptance of the ticket by the customer, this will be resolved by the support staff with priority over the basic support, it is not possible to estimate the completion time as it depends on its complexity.

Premium support will be suspended in 2016 in the period between August 15 and September 15 due to vacation in the company, Basic support will remain available during this period.

Please note that because our support team is physically located in Europe, our business hours span approximately between 09:00 and 18:30 Central European Time (CET).

Once a Support Ticket is accepted, it will be subtracted from your available tickets, regardless of what the reported problem is, and regardless of the outcome of the support request. The Premium Support fee you pay covers the expense of our support team being ready to promptly address your issues.